This isn't a fanfic, so if thats what you're looking for I'm sorry. This is a story about Rae, a 15 year old girl who just wants to be normal and to find out who she really is. Her best friend Sam helps her, even though he thinks she might be going crazy. Adventure is definately going to happen, but will there also be romance?




He came in as she was pushed. Ryder was tackled to the ground, as he watched his sister fall. Sam threw punch after punch, trying to avenge his best friend, but the bloody face looking up at him was smirking. He was too late.

   Lava shot hundreds of feet into the air as her body made contact, the blood completeing the ritual. Ryder decided he would keep his sister's pet as a slave when he was king, so she could see from the seventh hell and be punished more so. With a flick of his hand, he sent the mortal crashing into the wall where he lay still. Walking towards the staircase etched into the wall of the volcano, he started chanting the ancient words, calling forth the old gods. 

   He stepped out onto the snow and raised himself, to meet the only beings more powerful than himself.

   "You have done well my son" 

  "A throne shall be put up for you beside us"

  "You shall be rewarded for your obedience" 

  The whispers swirled like a whirlwind. Even his telepathic powers were of no use. He could feel they had grown stronger after the exchange, even though they had failed enough to let Sam in. Poor human. They had no idea that hybrid gods drew people to them for servitude. 



  RAE, RAE, RAE, RAE, RAE. Her name beat through his ears, his heart in tune. She was gone. He couldn't save her. The wall of magma still rose before him, pieces of his best friend within. It too pulsed along with his heart, as if in apology for what it couldn't help but do. RAE, RAE, RAE. Sam couldn't leave her alone, wherever she was now. Crawling forwards to his death, he thought he made out her face, her arms begging him to either stay back or comfort her. He could no longer tell or find the strength to care. He collapsed into the warm embrace, to be with her.



   The whispers grew faint. Ice and snow beneath his feet melted and left him on his back on a puddle. The collumn of fire grew brighter and higher and hotter. It wasn't red anymore, it was scorching white. An earthquake ripped through the ground an started to split the mountain. Then everything stopped.

   Rocks suspended in the air levitated, Ryder couldn't move. The only thing in motion was the melted earth. A figure in white emerged from an arch of flames. In death she was even more stunning, the artificial fire of her hair becoming a real inferno of fierce beauty. Her eyes weren't dull grey any more, but contained a living spark, flecks of blue dancing in and out in mesmerizing patterns. She had no voice either, but the feel of her thoughts wwas like warm water rushing all over you. 

   "What a lovelly reunion brother. I would condemn your black soul to the seventh hell like you did mine, but i don't think you deserve the company of those comparitively good people. I banish you to the outer realms of space. I hope you don't mind the cold."

   As he stared disbelieving at her, already starting to float towards his future prison, she knelt to the ground and made a snowman. She caressed where the cheek would be and breathed fire into the frozen mouth. As the snow melted, it revealed pink skin and green eyes. He stood up, crying and knowing his friend would leave him.

  With a meloncholy smile she drew close and kissed the tear tracks on his cheeks, and evaporated them. This was her final good bye before disapearing.



  Nick hadn't slept since Rae had left. He refused to leave his room or eat. She had left him, and he felt cold inside. The only reason he didn't cry anymore was because he had run out of tears. Another halucination of Rae appeared. The boy groaned and threw a baseball at it, to make it go away like the others. The ball never hit the floor. 

  He saw the vision glided forward and handed it back to him, scorch marks marring the sides in the shape of a hand. She pulled him towards her and he found more tears to cry. And suddenly he knew why she had to leave him, and felt the incredible love she had for him. It was time to let her go.



   My final journey was a long one. You see, the gods explained it to me when i was being engulfed in flames. I was kinda freaking out. Anyways, they did need us to sacrifice ourselves. However, they had tricked Ryder. They knew the jerk wouldn't do anything unless he got power in return, so they promised it to him. The gods never wanted to come back to Earth, they want to protect their children, the humans. They wanted to keep good people safe, the ones like Sam, who would sacrifice themselves for a friend. And that's why they needed my brother and I. The sun is kinda messed up. The humans won't figure it out for a while, with the lightyears and everything, but it went out for good. I am the new sun. Ryder is going to protect them as well. He is the new moon, even though he's not happy about it. He was right about one thing though, we're the most powerful things in the world. 

   I travel out past Venus and Mercury. As I keep them alive, I see Sam get older, married, and have kids. Nick goes to college to be a scientist and tries to figure out new ways to protect the Earth instead of destroy it. I think he does it for me. The world turns on as my friends and family get old and die, but I stay the same. In the volcano, I really did die, turned to dust. But that's what a pheonix does, it brings new life forth from the ashes. In a way, I think we're all pheonixs.




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