They Dont Know

This movella is all about things they don't know. Some are quotes and some are just things that are plain and simple.


2. Rude People

I know plenty of rude people and let me tell you this one story that happened to me a while back with one of the rude snobby girls at my school.

I was walking back from gym and I looked into the trash can as I walked past it. I noticed that someone had thrown their one direction posters and all this stuff away. And I just looked at it for a second thinking why they did that.

All o a sudden here come Miss Queen Bee and she says," Echhh. They deserve to be in the trash." And you know what I did? I turned around and looked her straight in the eye and said," you deserve to be in the trash not them hoe."

Haha I know I shouldn't have called her a hoe but hey it fit in well at the time. But anyways, sometimes you just have to ignore them or give them the eye (this thing where you raise one eyebrow and just give them the death glare). It works and believe it or not I have experienced it a lot.

I go to a small school where everybody knows everyone and everybody knows everything about everyone. Quite honestly it's a good thing and a bad thing. Many people judge you for what you do or say.

My advice is to you is just walk away or defend yourself. But never get physical because ya know. Nobody wants to the principles office and get detention and be suspended. Trust me that sucks!

Well I guess I will update later! Leave me comments on what you would like me to write about or just ask me questions! 😘byee!!

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