They Dont Know

This movella is all about things they don't know. Some are quotes and some are just things that are plain and simple.


3. February 18, 2014

Well today was crap. First my best friend didn't go to school so it was HORRIBLE! Like it was really bad and we had a lot of stuff to do. Yes it was school and I get we are supposed to work but honestly! Does anyone else have days where you just look at your teachers and say,"shut the f*** up please I'm begging you!"

😂😂I didn't actually say It but we all think it. And a way I sold it was..well simply my weakness...Chocolate. If anybody says it this would be my reaction," what? Where is it? Who has it? Gimme it NOW!" Haha

I can tend to get a little carried away. But today as you can tell I don't really have anything meaningful to write about so ya know. That's why on days like this I need comments to have a little idea and work off of it.

Anyway. Well. I had track practice today and it was bad also. We had a test in science. Tons of notes in history. Three worksheets in algebra. Had a timed essay to write from scratch in 45 minutes in English. My day completely SUCKED! But I bet you probably don't care though right?

I'm really not into writing today so..yeah just not inspired by anything. I need some ideas people!!😳😂 I just realized how lonely I sound because well I'm writing about my day to people I don't even know. And that probably don't care. So I hope that people comment me some ideas because otherwise tomorrow will be another day like this. Byeeeee😘

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