Fairy Tales...Or Are They?

Cristina lives a normal life until she is unwillingly thrust into a fairy tale. When she realizes what has happened, it may be too late. Will good win, or evil?


2. Me, Cristina Anderson

OK, so you probably want to know a bunch of stuff about me. Well, here goes: I am 15, I have long blonde hair ( My dad calls it princess hair), I have porcelain skin, chocolate brown eyes, and I am very tall. My favorite color is blue. I love reading. I'm not really rich or poor. I'm kind of in between. I am very athletic and I am the MVP on our schools basketball team. I also have straight As. Now, right now it probably sounds like I'm perfect, but I have lots of flaws. Here are some of them.

1. I don't have pierced ears. Now, this may not sound big, but in my school you can't be popular if you don't have pierced ears.

2. My Mom died. Now, this may not seem like a flaw, but a perfect girl has a mom & dad. 

3. I cannot play any instruments at all. I try, and it sounds terrible. 

4. I have a big nose. Seriously, it's huge.

5. I am not popular.

So, there you go. Me.

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