Nora Stone has a normal life. She lives in a small town, is a junior in high school, part of the dance team, and ha two of the hottest boys in school into her. Harry Styles and Liam Payne. One night, she and her twin sister deiced to go out with their friends when the unthinkable happens. With a cover up in play, they go on with their lives dealing with the haunting memories but what happens when the gang starts getting letters about what happened that night?


1. Just Forget

Nora's P.O.V.

I could still hears the scream from that night. I couldn't even hear my own scream because the others were louder, more high pitched even the guys. There was a scream that stuck with me the most though. The one that felt like a stabbing pain in my heart. It was my sisters. We sat with each other that night, like always, giggling away while Harry jammed to the radio. Liam sat at my other side with a sly smile on his face a he pulled his arm around my waist. I could see Harry squirm around a bit with Liam's touching but he kept singing filling the room up.


Fear was never the feeling I thought I would get from that night. Everything was going perfect. Everything was for once going right in my life. Then that feeling rose in my throat. Pounding in my stomach like a drum. The high pitched sounds, the pain filling my body, then there was the blood... So much blood...


"NORA!" I heard a voice yell snapping out of my thoughts.


I whipped my head back to see my twin sister standing in the door frame. Her long, thick wavy blond curls drifted down her back. Her hair was wild and free, something I always wished I had.


The last couples months have been stressful so I needed a change. I went from having beach blond hair going down my back in straight thick strands to shoulder length dark brown hair that almost looked black with choppy bangs. It made sister a tad upset when I got home one day with the dramatic hair change making us look less identical but lately she has grown to love it saying it "fit me".


"Oh. Sorry. What's up?" I asked trying to remember what I was doing. Eyeliner was in my hand so I looked up to see I had only done one of my dark grey eyes. I sighed and held it up to my bear eye.


She let out one of her signature sighs then walked into the room taking the pencil out of my hands and doing it herself. "You don't want to put it on too thick or you'll look like a whore by the end of the day trying to bang her teacher for a good grade on a failed test."


I opened my mouth to say something but she gave me a look so I kept it closed. Belle was the top dog in our school. She was head of all the clubs, caption of our dance team, and a star track runner. Explaining her amazingly thin and trimmed body. Her face was a light pale color with light pink cheeks, perfectly full lips, and big doe eyes the color of clear ocean water.


"There. Perfect. Now please put a smile on your face, Harry and Liam are worried about you," She paused looking at me. When we were kids we looked exactly alike. Up until now we looked similar but staring at her now, I don't even feel like we even look like sisters. Let alone twins. "I know you are still upset about that night but we have to move on Nora. Please talk to the guys. They miss you. I miss you."


I stared at my sister with everything I want to say to her on the tip of my tongue but as I was opening my mouth, one of our brothers ran into my room.


"LUCA! GET OUT!" Belle screamed.


Luca shook his head, "We are going to be late and my girl is waiting for me so lets go! Oh and Nora, dads got a letter for you downstairs."


Belle made a groaning noise then looked at me. I knew what she was going to say. Something like we will talk about it later or some moving on crap then she would tap my shoulder and chase Luca out of the room. As usual, I was right.


I jogged downstairs grabbing all my stuff while giving my dad a hug before I went to go get in Belle's car. My dad handed me the letter but I didn't open it. I stuffed it in my dance bag then grabbed Asher and Jude before heading out. I didn't even think twice about that letter. I never thought it would change my life forever.

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