Little Things

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, and you'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to. If I let you know I'm here for you, maybe you'll love yourself like I love you.

Niall fan fiction

Please read and comment what you think and any suggestions!


1. Chapter 1

~Mackenzie's pov~

High school, the place where I am constantly pushed down, where people who I used to call my best friends tell me that I'm fat, ugly, a worthless whore, and where no one cares about how I feel inside. It's hard going to school everyday. I've come home many times ready to end it all, but something inside of me always tell me to keep going. I guess you could call me strong for putting up with this every day for the past two years, but inside I feel weak. After all the years of being told your worthless, it kinda starts to go to your head. When I look in the mirror everyday, I see the girl with the brown wavy hair that reaches her mid back, the chocolate brown eyes, the stupid freckles that cover her cheeks, the stomach that bulges out a bit too far, the thighs without a gap. When I look in the mirror, I see the ugly, fat, worthless girl that everyone makes fun of at school.

I came home from school early today not feeling too well after hearing some especially hurtful and sickening comments. I was expecting mom to be home with a plate of cookies waiting for me like she usually does when I come home from school. My mom is one of the few people I can trust in this world. I tell her everything, like what happens at school and all of that. Dad, on the other hand, is usually gone for "work" but I know he's probably out drinking and having affairs. I never really see my father unless it's a holiday or he's drunk and wants to come home and let out his anger on me or my mom. But even after all my dad has done to our family, I still love him and so does my mom. When he isn't completely wasted, he is actually a great man that has a huge heart.

As I walk up the porch stairs to my big white house with the green shutters, I hear loud screams that can only come from my mothers lips. I hear the banging of furniture being thrown around the house. I know my dad has come home and he isn't very happy. I quickly fling open the front door revealing a mess of broken furniture, blood splatters, and a silhouette of a man holding a knife to a woman's throat. Then the last scream of my mother is escaped as her body collapses on the floor. My father turns around and sees me standing at the front door with tears streaming down my face. He starts to make his way to me when the reality of what is happening hits me. I bolt to the kitchen grab a knife and phone, and I sprint up the stairs to my room. When I get to my room I quickly lock it and move my bed so it blocks the door. Then all of a sudden I hear



I don't know what to do! The door doesn't look like it will stay up much longer, and I can't even imagine what my father will do to me. I quickly dial 911.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"M..My dad.... I just witnessed my dad murder my mom and now he's after me," I spat out.

"Ok what's your address and we'll be there as soon as possible."

"235 Queens NY..."

The door flung open, and there stood my father with a knife dripping in blood grasped by his big hands, the hands that used to tickle me and hold my hand to keep me safe, but now are bringing danger to me and I know I have to escape them. I drop the phone and race to the window. I climb down the tree that stands next to my window and make my way safely to the ground. I look up to see if my dad is still in my room, but I don't see him. He might try to follow me. I run as fast as I can away from my house, away from my mom, away from the memories, and away from the man who I once called my dad. I turn a corner and here sirens blazing. Relief floods over me, but I still keep running.

I decide to run until I arrive in the middle of New York City. It's crowded enough here so that if my dad did escape the cops he won't be able to find me in the midst of all these people. It's quite late so I decide to find a place to rest for the night. I figure it's best to find a nice hotel so I can search the dumpster for mattresses, blankets, and food. The Plaza! It's perfect! The plaza is one of the nicest hotels in all of New York City. I make my way over to the Plaza and search the dumpster. Just what I expected, mattresses, pillows, blankets, and food. I set up a place to rest in a corner near the hotel. As soon as I lay my head down, sleep takes over me.

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