Blade's Story

Blade is an 18 year old girl who live with her mom and step-dad. Her step-dad is usually nice, but his mean side comes out when he drinks.


3. The Break In and The Retreat (not the Spa kind)

 Two months later: I stood there in the alley behind the old abandon restaurant. I stare at the ground while Josh and Hector go over the plan and after three minutes they are staring at me. "What?". "Did you understand the part of the plan about you?". I say, "Yes I understand.". Then plan is to break into the bar next door and steal most of the cash. This plan is too devious to be doing at nearly six o'clock in the morning. I'm the first one through the window. I signal Josh and Hector with the noises of a halcyon, a type of bird. After we take the money, we leave. Josh decides to become incendiary and sets the place on fire!

"Damn it, Josh. You weren't supposed to do that!" I nearly scream. "I'm trying to cover our damn tracks, Blade!" he retorts. "By setting the damn place on fire? How many break ins have you completed?" then when he doesn't answer I say,"That's what I thought.". "Blade, shut the hell up! No one wants to hear what the hell you have to say!" Hector yells then he says, "Put Josh down before you kill him.". I realize I have Josh pinned against the outer wall of the old restaurant, I drop him and step back from Hector.

"H-h-how c-c-could y-y-you s-s-say th-th-that, H-h-hector?" I stammer, shocked that he said "No one wants to hear what the have to say". As if that wasn't bad enough with celerity and summarily the police were on a like panthers. I take a gambit and take off running leaving Josh and Hector to get arrested. I run about half a mile when I realize that I still have the duffel bag with money. This will be bad and make everything worse if the police catch me. I drop the bag and take off running again. The next time I stop I take a water bottle from my book bag.

I try to take a drink of water but it seems to have a brackish and yucky taste. I spit it back out. I begin walking to find a place to rest. I spot some Oak trees by a river and towards them. Oak trees are sacred to my tribe and to my native heritage. My name is Blade Dixin, I'm 18 and half Cherokee/Apache mainly but I think I have some Dakota and Choctaw in me as well. Many people think that I am an overt (open) book, I'm not.

Anyway I make my way to an Oak and find it cut down. This is sacrilege! The people who did this do not know the significance and sacredness of these trees! I go to the nearest one again and finally go to sleep. The talisman around my neck begins to glow.

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