Blade's Story

Blade is an 18 year old girl who live with her mom and step-dad. Her step-dad is usually nice, but his mean side comes out when he drinks.


2. Prologue

I lay there in bed, listening to the arguing from down stairs. My step-father (who doesn't work) argues to my mother about not having any money. I put a pillow over my head and try to sleep, but the constant arguing and fighting between those two is getting out of  hand. I decide to get up and go get something to eat since I only had a little bit of food before I went to bed (not because of step-father, because I was at work earlier).

I walk down the stairs in a pair of jogging pants and a long sleeve shirt with the high school's logo on it. As soon as they see me they stop, and Duane (step-father), yells at me,"Why the hell are you up, girlie? Your supposed to be in bed!". I ignore him and head to the refrigerator where I find; a half empty case of beer. I shake my head and mumble  under my breath, "Why the hell do you have to freaking drink every damn day, Duane?". "What did you say, Jessica?" Duane demands. I shut the refrigerator door, turn around and face both of them.

I growl through my teeth at Duane, "Never call me Jessica again, or you'll find out why they call me BLADE.". It actually sounded like more of a promise than a threat/growl. My motto is Don't mess with me, there's a reason they call me Blade. My other motto is Ducit amor patriae, meaning "Patriotism leads me". 

Duane gives me a funny look and then turn back to Mom, they argue again and this time he hits her. This is what made me snap. I let out a feral growl and lunge at him, using my nails to claw at him, he pushes me off and goes on the offensive. He punches me about 20 times, then he slams me against the counter. Fortunately for me it's the one near the knives.  I grab the one closest to me and stab him in the left fore arm avoiding the major veins and arteries.

I may know how to "kill", but I also know when and how to avoid the major veins and arteries. Mom screams and calls 911, she tells them that I was being attacked. Duane is arrested for assault and battery. He files charges against me but the police drop them because I was defending myself. 

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