Brown Haired Beauty

Lindsey Cameron has a soft side that no one sees. Always on watch in her family's castle, Goyle. But when Lindsey looses her mother, everything has changed. Now Lindsey's father, the only one she could talk to, is mysteriously quiet. With no one to turn to, Lindsey leaves her home behind and meets two incredible boys Mason and Keith, new friends who show Lindsey the ropes of life- and love.


2. The Goyle

I woke up and rubbed my eyes as the luminous rays of the sun poured through my bedroom window. What did I just dream? 

When Anita knocked at my door, I jumped.

"Ready for your morning tea, Miss?" Anita asked me. 

"Yes, thank you," I replied with grace.

After getting into my baby blue skirts, I headed for the dining room. Father was not there, like always. After my mother's passing, I haven't seen my father since. All he does is stay locked up in his room for twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

My family is the royal family of Goyle Palace here in Fortrice City. 

I ate some toast with butter all my myself at the grand table. I have never felt more alone these past few weeks. This place used to feel like home, but now it feels a bit hollow. 

I returned to my bedroom and changed out of my dress. I never liked those girlish things. Now, I was wearing typical jean shorts, and a plum-coloured crop top that made my brown hair and eyes stand out. Now I wish I went to school. Instead, Anita has been tutoring me here at the castle, never letting me out of her sight. It was only a matter of time before she came in and saw me dressed like a hipster. 

And I had a thought as I looked out the window. 

My room is on the second floor of the castle. I quickly opened the window and stood on the ledge 50 ft in the air.


And then I jumped. 


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