The Office // On Hold

19 year old Beth Robbins has the perfect life as some say. A job at Starbucks, great friends, and a bright future. Little does everyone know, she hides her real life in a rather convincing smile. When her cousin finally convinces Beth to go see a counselor about her secrets and fears and she is hesitant about it. She meets her counselor, Drew Green and is caught by surprise. He's tall, good-looking, built with a touch of nerdiness. That's everything a girl could ask for.

She eventually let's him into her world and seeks guidance and love along the way.
Cover credit~ CorkyPorky



All I've ever asked for is a good life. Why is it so damn hard?


I lay still, covered in my own tears and blood on the cool ground. There's no more tears left in my eyes. Hesitantly, I pull my helpless body up, grunting until i'm on my feet, rather unsteadily. I hug my waist and my eyes are partially closed from sorrow, physical tiredness and pain.

I slowly walk out the door, carefully closing it shut behind me and I walk down the road. The passing cars speed by, swooshing my hair in my face. I dig in my jean pockets                   for change desperately, hoping I could use the pay phone. I find 50 cents and I put it in the machine putting the phone to my ear.

"I'm sorry, you did not insert 50 cents. Please try again." The recorded voice spoke in a monotone voice. I put in the change again.

"I'm sorry, you did not inset 50 cents. Please try again." The same voice echoed into my ear.

"Frick." I mumbled pushing the change in the slit in the machine once again.

"I'm sorry you did not ins-" I slammed the phone back into place, cutting the recording off angrily. I retrieved my change and hugged my body again, walking away from the broken machine. The next payphone is at least 30 minutes of walking away.

Well fuck. 

I stepped onto the curb looking both ways for a car on the dead road, so I could at least try to hitchhike. I waited. 

My injuries were bad. Not the 'I-need-to-go-to-the-hospital' bad, but the 'Better-bandage-it-up' bad.

I saw lights. Two of them. I leaned my head out so I could see the oncoming car turning around the bend. I stuck my thumb out silently praying to myself that they would stop. The lights lined up with my thumb and face and the car slowed down.

I sighed in gratitude as I slowed down in front of me. I looked in. It was a man. By himself. Okay. He pressed a button beside him and the window unrolled. I walked closer and leaned by body on my folded arms on the opening of the window.

"Hello." He greeted in a deep and raspy voice.

"Hi." I returned and was surprised. His voice, I found slightly attractive first off. He had a muscular build, with a touch of nerdiness. He had deep, brown, kind eyes underneath those glasses of his, and a smile that made me light up a tad. 

"Need a ride?" He asked, flashing me a smile. I nodded in agreement and got into his truck.

"What kind?" I asked, patting the dashboard curiously, referring to his truck

"2014 GMC Sierra 1500" He responded with a small chuckle.

"Nice." I responded. I felt a trickle of blood come down the temple and I wiped it away, and rubbed the blood off onto my shirt.

"You okay? You're in bad shape." He said glancing over at me then back onto the road a few times, looking at my cuts. 

"I'm alright." I tried to assure him, knowing it won't do anything.

"You don't look alright." He said, looking concerned.

"Don't worry about it. Can you take me to Redwood Lane 1367 please?" I asked politley.

"Of course." He said like it was obvious. I chuckled and shook my head.

"What?" He laughed and I didn't answer. I just smiled. 

"I'm Drew. What's your name?" He finally asked after a sigh of catching our breath.

"I was always told not to talk to strangers." I teased him/

"But you've been talking to one!" He pointed out, as he turned off the freeway.

"Well I can't tell you ANY information." I returned with a sly smile.

"Fine be that was miss whatever your name is." He pouted jokingly. "Here you are." He put the truck into park and sat back looking at me.

"Thanks, Drew? See you around." I said and got out, leaving the window open. I started walking to the door, aware that he was still parked, watching me.

"By the way" I began, turning around as I was about to open the door to Willow's house. 

"It's Beth."

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