The Girl I Fell For

Hi I am harry styles from One Direction. I bumped into this amazing girl. I asked her name and she said her name was Jade. Right there I fell for her


5. Set Up

Jade's P.O.V

I just woke up and it was 8:00pm. Man we slept late any way I'm setting up Louis and amber up. And then Niall and Sarah. So a double date I wonder if Sarah and amber have plans.

Amber's P.O.V

 I woke up and saw Jade texting. I wonder who she's texting.

(jade and Harry's Conversation J= Jade H=Harry)

J: Hi

H: Hi

J: is Louis and amber's date still on?

H: yes can we make it a double date amber's and Louis's and Sarah's and Niall's together please I'm lazy lol

J: ugh Fine ! Sarah and amber are hard to trick I'm not worried about Niall and Louis lol

H: lol me too 

J: ok bye

H: Bye

 (End of convo) I guess it's a double date. oh well.

Sarah's P.O.V

Me and amber are setting up jade and harry. It's gonna be tough.

(amber and Sarah's conversation S= Sarah A= Amber)

S: Hey bff

A: hey

S: is jade and Harry's date still on?

A: yes why did niall and Louis kept staring at us?

S: Idk

A: ok bye


(end of convo)

This is gonna be a long night.





Do you like the story so far jade? The next chapter is gonna be called The Dates

~The Bullied Girl     

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