The Girl I Fell For

Hi I am harry styles from One Direction. I bumped into this amazing girl. I asked her name and she said her name was Jade. Right there I fell for her


4. Football (Soccer)

Sarah P.O.V

"Sarah make me breakfast I have practice then a game" Amber yelled. "Ok" I yelled back. I should make bacon and eggs.

Amber P.O.V

I hopped into the shower. I can't wait for my football (soccer) game.

I got out of the shower and went to my dresser. Hmm. I have to get my jersey. So I picked out blue and black shorts. A shirt that says look man no hands and my jacket. I put my cleats in my bag. I put on my shoes.  I ran downstairs and breakfast was ready. I sat at the table and ate bacon and eggs. "Thanks Sarah" I said. "No Problem " She replied.

This is my outfit

I finished my breakfast and headed to the car. Jade was in the driver seat texting someone. She stopped texting and started the car. We pulled up to the Football (Soccer) field. I was one of the first one there. There was Lily, Cat, Katy, Christy, and I. All the other girls showed up. We started practicing. "Hey Amber Why is Jade focused on her phone" Cat asked me. "I really don't know. She was texting someone" I said. '' Oh well we should scare her and not do practice" Katy said. "Great idea" Christy said. "Yeah lets do that" Lily said. I nodded in agreement. We snuck up behind her. Before we scared her I looked at who she was texting. It was Harry Styles. We then scared her and she jumped up throwing her phone into the air and I caught it. I wanted to read the texts. She got so embarrassed. She was red hot. "Well Jade has a crush" Christy said. "Yeah so, you all have crushes" Jade said. "Yeah but ours aren't Harry Styles" Cat Buzzed in. "But it is just a crush guys. Remember when you had a crush like this" I said. "Yeah" Jade said. "Guess your right. Lets call him and make him come down here" Lily said. "No" Jade said. "I guess we have no choice but then to call him" I said. I dialed his number.

H:Harry. A:Amber


A: Hey this is Jade's friend Amber

H: Ok so what do you want

A: Well come down to the Soccer field Jade wants to talk to you

H: Ok I will be there soon. Bye

A: Bye

"I don't want to talk to him" Jade said. "Now you do" Katy said. "Fine" Jade said blushing. "Awesome sauce" Cat said. Then we heard a honk. It was Harry's Car. Harry, Niall, and Louis hopped put of the car. I looked at them and waved, "Hi" I yelled. They ran to the field. Jade started to run to her car. I ran after her. "Jade No you can't go home now" I said catching up to her. "Dang you're fast" she said. "Well, that's me" I jumped in front of her. She stopped and headed back to the field. "I will win next time" she yelled. "In your dreams" I yelled while walking back to the field. I finally got back to the field. "Hey Cat what do you want to do" I asked Cat. "Hmmmm. Go home" Cat replied. "No Cat. Something here" I said. "Fine. Listen to Jade and Harry" she said. "Awesome I was thinking that to" I said. We went closer to them and listened to their conversation. We went to Katy and told her everything. "We should make up a cheer to embarrass Jade" Katy said. "Great idea" Cat said. All the girls came over and we were thinking of cheers. "How bout Jade and Harry sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love , then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage" Lily says. We all laughed and then we were going to cheer it. "Jade And Harry Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes A Baby In a Baby Carriage" We all shouted. Jade Was blushing. She ran over to me and grabbed my wrist. She pulled me to her car. She started the car and drove home. She pulled me into the house. "I....Why did you guys do that" Jade asked. She started to cry. "We just wanted to embarrass you" I said. "Like always" she said. "It's nothing to get mad about. We just want to laugh" I said. "It's not funny" she said. "I won't do it anymore but I can't make them stop" I said. "Thanks" she said and ran to her room. I ran to her room. My phone went off when I entered her room. Cat was calling me. I didn't want to answer so, I didn't. Then Jade texted me. It was a selfie. "Really funny Jade" I said. I hopped on her bed and she turned on her T.V. "Hey so do you really like Harry" I asked her. "Yeah I should we are dating now" she said. "Oops I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that" she said. "I won't tell and cool" I said. We just started watching the show again. I checked the time and I missed the game. But now it is 9:00 pm. I fell asleep and so did Jade.

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