The Girl I Fell For

Hi I am harry styles from One Direction. I bumped into this amazing girl. I asked her name and she said her name was Jade. Right there I fell for her


2. Do I Tell

Jade P.O.V

Ok I know I just met Harry Styles. Like OMG! "Hey Jade" I heard two girls yell. I looked across the street to see my friends Amber and Sarah. "Hey" I said. Then they walked over to me. They are major One Direction fans. But should I tell them that I met Harry. Would they go all fangirly? Would they be all like 'Omg did you get his number'? I decided to them. "Hey guys I met Harry Styles" I said. "That is so cool. I wish I was there to meet him" Amber said in a calm voice like she didn't care but, I know she did. "Cool" Sarah said. "Wait what ahhhhhhhh" they both said. "You met Harry Styles" Amber said. "Yep" I said. "Ok so Jade, do you want to sleep the night at my house" Amber asked. "Me too" said Sarah. "Of course" Amber said. We were walking in the direction to Amber's house then she screamed. "What" I said. "Look What Josie texted" she said showing me her phone. "No way she got you and her tickets to a 1D concert" Sarah said. "Yep I am so excited! " Amber said. "But why only you" Sarah asked. "Don't ask me ask Josie" Amber said.

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