Harry's Gift (Punk Harry) Book I

I had no intention of being his property.But when you have a gang leader as a father,I had no choice.

My smart-ass father made a deal with one of London's most feared gang leaders,Harry Styles.He lost everything and he would make a sacrifice.

He would give up his life or I would practically become Harry's sex slave.
My selfish father gave me away.Hear my story to understand.


9. Chapter Ten (Finale)

Francesca's P.O.V

We finally reached the restaurant.I followed Harry and his two twin sisters inside.I took a look around.

The restaurant looked like one of those 1980s restaurants.The waiters and waitresses were wearing poodle skirt uniforms on rollerblades."Welcome to Katie's Diner!How can I help you?"she asked.

"A booth please."Harry replied.She then took us to a large booth and we all sat down, she then left us to decide our orders.

"How the hell did you two get on the news?"Harry asked."Well..."

"Alex had just broke up with her boyfriend,Lance."Luv sated."So we both got drunk that night, so she suggested that we do a prank."Luv continued."So we decided to start make gun noises to scare Lance,"Luv said."But we didn't have a gun." Luv finished.

After a few more minutes of Harry questioning he stopped."Why,Why?"he asked them."We were drunk."Alex replied. Then the waitress appeared in her fluffy pink poodle skirt.

"The Lady and I will split the garden salad, and the ladies over there will have ..."He told her."Alrighty!"She squealed. I started to stare in space when Harry called out my name.

"Francesca, pay attention,please."He called out.I nodded.Then the food arrived and we all quickly ate.The whole time was quiet till Alex said "I love your hair color!Is it natural."

I nodded and Luv pushed her shoulder and whispered "She's not a bimbo."

*30 minutes later.*

We all said our goodbyes and I followed Harry to his car."I'm tired."Harry said yawning."I'm taking a nap are you coming?" He asked. I quickly nodded and followed him upstairs.

I laid in bed with him a felt him fall a sleep. I then saw the open window and felt the urge to go.I slowly got out of bed and grabbed one of his duffle bags from his closet.

I started to pack clothing and money from his mini safe and a gun to leave. I opened the window and started to climb down the tree.

I started running as fast as I could when I heard "FRANCESCA!" I kept on running when I heard Harry get on his motorcycle.

*After 39 minutes of running*

I looked back.Harry was nowhere to be seen. I looked around myself. I saw tall buildings with flashing lights.I flinched every time I felt a car speed by.

I had no place to go

~To be Continued in Sequel~


I had soooo much fun writing this letting my imagination run wild. This has been a wonderful experience! I am planning to write a sequel when this book has

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