Harry's Gift (Punk Harry) Book I

I had no intention of being his property.But when you have a gang leader as a father,I had no choice.

My smart-ass father made a deal with one of London's most feared gang leaders,Harry Styles.He lost everything and he would make a sacrifice.

He would give up his life or I would practically become Harry's sex slave.
My selfish father gave me away.Hear my story to understand.


4. Chapter Four

Francesca's P.O.V

"Take the bigger half before I stuff it down your throat, you haven't ate anything for breakfast." He growled. I ate it quickly before he could say anything else. He then came over and patted my head and said "Good Job," and he gave me a kiss. Louis, trying to lighten the mood, got the rest of the boys to copy Harry.

"Good Job."

"Good Job."

"Good Job."

"Good Job."

This made Harry laugh a bit. I like it when he's happy because he won't beat the hell out of me."Francesca you up for shopping?" Harry asked."Yeah, like right now?" I asked. He nodded. I ran up the stairs and got dressed.

I quickly got dressed into black flats with a brown sundress. I quickly ran downstairs and followed him to his car. We arrived at the mall. Then he took my small hand into his."Were going out to dinner with Louis' girlfriend Eleanor.

We went into BEBE. I showed Harry my size(0) and he started picking some out that he liked. He started pulling out some some skater girl outfits that I did not like. He groaned "Your so difficult." I laughed. Then he pulled out a white lace sleeveless dress.

"That's pretty, can I get it?" I asked. He smiled and nodded and we bought that dress with white wedges.We went out of the store and Harry told me to get food while he went somewhere. I ran inside a pretzel place and got pretzel bites for Harry and I. Harry returned with a bag and told me to close my eyes.

A/N: Sorry this was so short! Tomorrow will be the longest chapter I ever wrote will be the best! Stick with me!

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