Harry's Gift (Punk Harry) Book I

I had no intention of being his property.But when you have a gang leader as a father,I had no choice.

My smart-ass father made a deal with one of London's most feared gang leaders,Harry Styles.He lost everything and he would make a sacrifice.

He would give up his life or I would practically become Harry's sex slave.
My selfish father gave me away.Hear my story to understand.


7. Chapter Eight

Francesca's P.O.V

I heard frantic knocking on the door minutes later I had texted Rebecca. I opened the door to see Rebecca with my sister, Jasmine Keriku. "What the hell? Jasmine what are you doing her?!" I said jumping on her."Hello to you too." I heard Rebecca mumble.

"Someone's jelly,"I smirked. Rebecca just gave me a dirty look and started to put her stuff away as well as Jasmine."I came here because Crazy called me up."Jasmine said."I heard what happen with you and dad is this Harry?" She asked.I nodded. "Hi, I'm Harry."Harry said with a hand in the air.

Jessica is 5'10 and is my age 17. We are identical twins but she has medium hair size while I have long.

Jasmine just gave him a look and with Harry empty handed. I laughed as she flipped her brown hair.Harry just shrugged it off and kissed me goodbye."BYE BOBO!" I yelled out the door. I turned around to see the critics looking at me crazy."What?" I asked.

Rebecca patted me a spot on the couch. I sat down and Rebecca started to rub my back. I winced in pain. She looked at me and asked "Lift up your shirt." I shook my head."It was nothing.""Lift up your shirt before I tear it off." She hissed. I did as instructed and lifted it.

I heard them gasp in horror as they took a good look at my bottom and lower back."Why the hell are you covered in bruises!?"Jasmine yelled standing up."I swear to god Francesca, if that dick head did that to you!"she said looking at me. She took a good look at my face before a asking me a question.


"He did that didn't he?!" She yelled. I nodded."As soon as he comes home I'm killing him!" She yelled."Where else did he hurt you?"Rebecca asked softly.I started to wipe the makeup from my cheek where Harry had slapped me so hard when I tried escaping.

"Who's going to kill who?!" I heard Niall scream. He was halfway down the stairs when he saw Jasmine."Woah, and you are?" he asked with mouth drooling."Jasmine, Francesca's twin, you are?" She asked."Niall."he stated. Then all of a sudden Niall screamed.

"FRANCESCA HAS A TWIN SISTER!" All of the boys came down at once."I'm not single you do know that?" All of the boys slouched and groaned walking down the stairs."Sorry they're perverts..." I said looking and her. Niall took a seat down and watched us quarrel.

He gasped at how Jasmine and Rebecca showed Niall all the bruises Harry made.I shook my head."I'm alright!" I said."NO, your not!" Rebecca yelled."I gotta agree with her..." Niall said scratching his head."Who's freaking side are you on Niall!?!" I said. He just shrugged.

I groaned.This is what I come from... I'm just wondering what's going to happen after this. I don't want to leave... Wait...What the hell am I saying?! I don't love Harry. Admit it, maybe a bit of love... But I know they probably won't let me stay here with Harry and the boys.

*1 hour later*

After an hour of arguing, I heard knocking on the front door."Thanks God." I moaned. "Ima beat his ass." Rebecca said with clenched knuckles. I opened the door and kissed Harry on the cheek."Hello Princess." He said smiling."Princess Save your smiling for later this is your wake up call." Niall joked.

I walked away slowly as Jessica got near him.Jessica was Harry's size and stood up too him."Rebecca lift up Francesca's shirt."she hissed. I mouthed to Harry "I have nothing to do with this."he nodded. I turned around and Rebecca pulled up my shirt. Harry then gasped at what he saw.

"Hm, Styles?" She asked. "Why the fuck is she covered in bruises?""I know I hurt her but not this bad!" He whispered."Why'd you hurt her?" Jasmine questioned."I don't know." Harry stated. He just mouthed "I don't know why..." I saw him to cry a little bit.

Jasmine was about to scar him with her hands and a knife when I ran up and covered him."Francesca, why are you doing this?"he asked softly."Because Harry I love you."I said crying with mascara running down my eyes. Jasmine took a good look at us and took hold of Rebecca hand.

"Francesca we are leaving, I want to see you everyday if your living with this dickhead." She said stomping outside.As soon as they left Harry took me into his arms. "Why,why Francesca?" ."I'm fucking sorry Francesca." He said crying while hugging me.

~To Be Continued~

A/N: I'm tearing up a little😂. My BOBOS will be introduced in each chapter.Im gonna do this think where I do this think called featured BOBO of the day.

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