Harry's Gift (Punk Harry) Book I

I had no intention of being his property.But when you have a gang leader as a father,I had no choice.

My smart-ass father made a deal with one of London's most feared gang leaders,Harry Styles.He lost everything and he would make a sacrifice.

He would give up his life or I would practically become Harry's sex slave.
My selfish father gave me away.Hear my story to understand.



Dear Readers!

  I am happy to announce a new project I am working on, concerning the Harry’s Gift Series. I have received many request to include all the boys in the book, but I feel as if that wouldn’t work so well with the plot. So, I’ve came up with the idea of the Gift series with each individual boy! Right now, I’ve started Louis’s Gift. I will continue the series and I will see how it goes from there!    Much Love,   B.M. Styles.
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