The Unexpected

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  • Published: 17 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 17 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
All the worlds leaders come together in the Presidents conspiracy to abandon their nation for the "Greater Good".This results in a world affected by a apocolypse but not of the sort with zombies but the sort caused by corruption and power given to those who misuse it.


7. Demons

It’s a daunting feeling knowing that forever never lasts as I wiped the tear from my eye I put on my clothes and walked into the hub of our base of operations I sat there, waiting for another disagreement to break out its like our lives were on a tape and there was someone that keeps pressing repeat making it that one step harder for me.
I promised myself vengeance for Slade for Lola and anyone else who had fallen I would wait out the weeks, months, years so that my face would be the last thing that the Commander In Chief see’s. If Slade and Lola were denied the rights to live he shouldn't have the right to stow away hiding waiting for what he started to end….Everyone has their demons and he was mine.


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