The Unexpected

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  • Published: 17 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 17 Feb 2014
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All the worlds leaders come together in the Presidents conspiracy to abandon their nation for the "Greater Good".This results in a world affected by a apocolypse but not of the sort with zombies but the sort caused by corruption and power given to those who misuse it.


5. Breaking Point

A few weeks after Walter and I had our argument about gathering resources Lola had become aware of a military supply stash, these crates could contain anything meds food and even possibly firearms. This was a minor risk worth taking we already knew quarter of the area we were located in had armed scavengers searching for resources, this was the edge we needed so we could overcome other groups if necessary. It took a few days preparation but we finally decided it was to be me Lola and a young man called Geoff that were to proceed as a search party looking for these supplies. we ventured for 2 days our legs ached we were hungry and dehydrated all the things we couldn't afford to be when we saw it a group of tents barring the military's ensign we were ecstatic, as Lola slowly traversed towards the crates she was grabbed by a muscularly built man  
dressed head to toe in camouflage clothes he told us we weren't to be coming round here again. we denied what he said and came closer he warned us that if we came any closer he would kill her in an effort to save her I ran at him he shot her... Point blank. For his satisfaction. For the greater good. I took out my knife and thrusted it into his chest he dropped to the floor in pain but his pain couldn't compel to that of which Lola was in I held her in my arms as the blood trickled out of her motionless body I led there next to her body crying it was like Slades death all over again the only other person I could relate to on this godforsaken rock was gone. I picked up a shovel from one of the tents and buried her no man should have to bury the woman he loves. There was no way The Commander was going to get away with killing them both. Geoff and I paced home empty handed me empty hearted we got back and broke the news told everyone of Lola’s demise we were all heartbroken. But I could only blame myself for what had happened to this innocent girl dragged into hell by those in higher authority. All I could wish is that her and Slade the two people I loved most were together now safe, safe from this chaos, safe from me...


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