Marriage at Sixteen


"Oh, rich kids get anything they want! I'm so jealous!"

"I know! Oh my God, like why couldn't God have made me rich? I'd be so happy with my life."

No. You wouldn't be happy. Sure, you'll get anything you want. Except love and happiness. The only thing rich kids actually wish for, but can't have.


4. Chapter 4

•••Flora's POV•••


"Flora, wake up."

"C'mon let's go do something fun."


I woke up to the constant calling of my name. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Luke sitting on a chair next to my bed. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you wanted to hang out."

"Go hang out with your weird friends." I rolled over to my side, my back facing Luke.

"Come on, let's go somewhere."

"No." I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. Luke sighed. I heard footsteps and felt my covers being lifted. I opened my eyes to see Luke getting under the covers with me. He pulled me closer to his body. I cuddled up to him and closed my eyes once again. But then I heard a knock. -insert rolls eyes here-

"Flora, honey." It was my mom shit. I grabbed a bunch of pillows and put them on top of Luke so it wouldn't look like he was here. My mom opened the door and eyed the pillows. Then, faced me, "I want you to come help around at the studio. We'll be leaving in 30 minutes."

"Okay." I yawned.

"Oh, and good afternoon, Luke. You can come too if you'd like."

Luke sat up and smiled, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Villanueva." My mom closed my bedroom door to leave. I took a glance at Luke and saw him looking at me, then curled up back into my bed.

"Go get ready, you have to leave in 30 minutes, you know?" I groaned. I rolled out of bed and grabbed clothes to change in. I quickly took a shower then put the clothes I picked out on. Next, I blow dried my hair and put make up on. And whala! I was ready!


He was sprawled across my bed sleeping. Aw, he looks so cute. I grabbed the air horn from my desk and pressed it. He screamed so loud, it almost made my ears pop. I've never seen someone fall off a bed so quick. Or scream like a girl. I laughed for a good five minutes while Luke glared at me the whole time.

"Are you done laughing?"

"Yes." I laughed even harder.

"I hate you."

I giggled, "You love me."

Luke opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Meredith opening the door. "Flora, your mother had to leave early but has instructed for you to meet her there." I nodded.

"Hello, Mr. Hemmings." Meredith greeted Luke.

"Just call me Luke." She nodded and left.

I cuddled back into my bed, feeling the warmth against my skin. It was starting to get a little chilly.

"Hey, Flora?"


"Never mind."


Luke and I walked around my mother's designing studio. It was all white. Literally. I mean, it had a few paintings on random walls, but other than that, it was white. It makes me want to grab some paint and just splatter it against the walls.

I ran up to one of the dolls that had a green extravagant hat on. "How do I look?" I fluttered my eyes to show how I was messing around.

"Fabulous, darling!" Luke laughed. "You think this pink ring matches my shirt?"

Luke and I kept messing with the clothing and accessories laid out on the tables. Who knew Luke was so cute when he laughed? And that goddamn lip ring. Control yourself Flora, you're supposed to be mad about the marriage, not drooling all over him.

I was laughing at Luke's straw hat when I heard a flash and immediately turned around to see my mother with a Polaroid camera.

"Honestly, guys, if you're not going to help me, go home." My mom laughed at the picture she took of us.

"Sorry, Mrs. Villanueva!" Luke took off his straw hat and set it on the table.

"I heard there was a fair on the other side of town today. Why don't you guys go check it out?"

"Will do, madre," I patted her on the back and took the picture from her hands.

"Bye, Mrs. Villanueva."

"Goodbye, Luke."

We passed through every white hallway there was until we reached the entrance. Once I stepped foot outside I took a look at the picture my mother took of us. I had my eyes closed and doubled over laughing while Luke was standing there with his straw hat and an admiring look on face.

"Aw, look how cute you look," Luke giggled.

"Oh, HA HA!" I sarcastically said.

We stayed there looking at the picture longer until we heard the paparazzi snapping pictures and crowding us. "To the bat mobile!" Luke yelled as he picked me up bridal style and started running towards his car.

"Luke!" I screamed. He quickly unlocked the car door, put me in the passenger's seat and ran back to his side.

"So, the fair, right?" Luke bit his lip ring.

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