Marriage at Sixteen


"Oh, rich kids get anything they want! I'm so jealous!"

"I know! Oh my God, like why couldn't God have made me rich? I'd be so happy with my life."

No. You wouldn't be happy. Sure, you'll get anything you want. Except love and happiness. The only thing rich kids actually wish for, but can't have.


3. Chapter 3

Luke's band mates were running around in the music room. He introduced me to them and received nice smiles. Since I already knew who they were, there was no need in me trying to remember their names. Ashton, the drummer with cute dimples. Michael, the one with colorful hair. Calum, black hair and very nice body. Then, the idiot, Luke, the one I'm supposed to be marrying.

"So, Flora, I heard you're supposed to be marrying Luke," Calum asked.

I sighed, "Yeah, apparently. I hate the whole idea that's it's being forced too."

"Yeah, I mean who makes their own kids marry each other just to stay rich?"

"Our parents," I scoffed.

"Wanna come play FIFA with me and Michael?"


"Damn, you're pretty and like playing video games. That's not something you see every day."

"Awh, you think I'm pretty?"

"Who wouldn't?" I laughed at his response.

I started playing FIFA with Calum and Michael forgetting where Luke was. They weren't so bad after all. Especially Calum aka hottie lamottie with the swimmer's body.

•••LUKE'S POV•••

Once I introduced Flora to the guys, she started getting way to friendly with Calum. I can't help but to get jealous seeing them together. I mean, they do look like a cute couple and all, but she's supposed to be liking me. Not him. In the end, I'll be marrying her and making her mine anyways. So I guess I shouldn't be worried. At least not until she kisses him.

We ended up not practicing and started playing around the whole day. Ashton was making keeks and texting his girlfriend most of the time. Michael played FIFA and Calum and Flora were flirting most of the time. As many times as I kept interrupting them, they still kept making googly eyes at each other. "Hey, Luke." Flora sat down next to me.

"Hey," I smiled at her, locking my phone.

"What's wrong? Why are being so distant from the guys? Are you usually like this?"

"Do you usually ask so many questions?" She shrugged.

"Why don't you go back to flirting with Calum?"

"Why? Are you jealous?" Flora had a devilish grin. What is this girl thinking?

"No. Why would I be jealous about a girl like you?" I rolled my eyes and left.

I walked into my room and locked the door. What have I done? I possibly ruined all my chances of her ever liking me. Now, Calum will go to her rescue and win her over. Why am I feeling like this? I only met her a few days ago. I took a deep breath and walked back to the studio with the guys.

"I'm bored. Do you guys wanna watch a movie?" Ashton asked. We all agreed and decided on a horror film.

"I vote for Carrie," Michael said.

"I say Insidious Chapter 2," Calum stated.

"I don't care what movie we watch." Ashton skimmed through the stack of movies.

"Yeah, same here." I said.

"Let's watch Carrie. I haven't seen it yet." Flora spoke. Ashton put the DVD in.

The movie was okay, I guess. It wasn't as scary as I thought. It could've been better if they had the creepy music and some jumpy parts.

"Well, that was lame. I thought it was going to be scary." Flora sounded disappointed. This girl is so twisted.

I checked the time on my phone. It was 10:30PM. Maybe I should bring Flora home so she doesn't get in trouble.

"Hey, I should get you home." I nudged Flora.

"Okay." She got up and stretched.

"Aw, do you have to go?" Calum asked.

"Yeah, I'm really tired. Plus, I have to get up early to help out my mom with a few things."

"Well, I hope you have fun!"

"Bye, guys!"

"Bye!" They all said in unison.

I opened the car door for Flora to get in. I then closed and went to the driver's seat to get the engine started. I backed out of the driveway ignoring the flashing lights from the paparazzi. Flora covered her face from the lights as I grabbed her thigh, reassuring her everything was okay. These pictures will be out on magazines by tomorrow morning.

I entered the gates to the Villanueva mansion ignoring the papps once again. I drove around to the entrance. Flora unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the car door to get out.

"Hey," I called out to her as she was getting out. "I'll text to you." She smiled at me and muttered a simple okay. Flora closed the car door and went inside. As soon as she entered the house, I drove off back to mine.

The guys were getting ready for bed too. I made my room towards my room, finding clothes to sleep in. I laid down, staring at the ceiling, letting my head fill with thoughts of Flora. Hours passed and I still couldn't fall asleep. Maybe I should see what Flora's doing. I searched for her number through my contacts and called her.

"Hello?" She picked up.

"I'm sorry, were you sleeping?"

"No, it's fine. I WAS trying to sleep though."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll just call back tomorrow."

"Luke, it's fine," Flora giggled, "I have trouble sleeping anyways."

"What do you mean?"

"I have insomnia."

"Oh... Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I don't think so but you can keep the conversation going. Maybe I'll fall sleep with your boring voice."

We continued talking until 3am, telling each other stories of when we were kids. There was light snoring on the other end. Flora must've falling asleep on me. I hung up since I was almost half asleep. Maybe tomorrow we could do something fun.


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