Marriage at Sixteen


"Oh, rich kids get anything they want! I'm so jealous!"

"I know! Oh my God, like why couldn't God have made me rich? I'd be so happy with my life."

No. You wouldn't be happy. Sure, you'll get anything you want. Except love and happiness. The only thing rich kids actually wish for, but can't have.


2. Chapter 2

"Flora, your mother wanted me to tell you that you're going on a date with Luke today." I woke up to Meredith's voice.

"Fucking great." I pulled the covers over my head.

The limo arrived with Luke inside. We are going on a lunch date to who knows where. We didn't speak on our way there. The limo stopped at a small place called Millie's Café. Seems like a nice place. The chauffeur opened the car door for us and escorted us in. He shortly left after. Luke and I were sat in a booth near the window. The waitress got our drinks. Luke got a coke and I got a water. I opened up the menu, skimmed through it, then put it back down. Nothing looked interesting to eat, plus I wasn't hungry.

"Would you like to order now?" The waitress asked us.

"Yes, I would like a cheeseburger." Luke ordered then both of them turned to look at me.

"I don't want anything." I smiled at the waitress.

"You have to eat something." Luke said.

"I'm not hungry."

"She'll have the same as me." Luke told the waitress.

I put my head down, hoping Luke and I wouldn't make much conversation. I just planned to eat and get out of here. Or most likely, to get away from him.

"I'm sorry for being such a dick the other day." Luke whispered.

"It's fine."

Not shortly, the waitress brought us our food. I stared at the food in front of me for a while.

"You okay?" Luke asked.


I continued to stare at my food until Luke said, "Eat!" I picked up a fry and waved it in Luke's face, then took a bite out of it.

"Oh, come on, do I have to feed you so you'll eat?" Luke joked.

I smiled and opened my mouth, signaling him to feed me. He laughed and put a fry in my mouth. We continued feeding each other fries and talking about each other's life. He's not so bad to hang out with after all. Just not get married with him, of course. It all doesn't make since though. Why did it have to be me to get married instead of my older sister? The one who's so perfect, unlike me.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Luke interrupted my thoughts.

"Sure," I said as Luke got up from the booth and put money on the table. Luke escorted me outside and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the sidewalk as we began to walk to the park.

"What? No limo?" I rolled my eyes.

"No." He smiled. Our walk was quiet until we reached the park. I went over to the swings and sat down on one of them.

"So tell me about yourself." Luke sat down on another swing.

"Um, there's not much to tell. I'm popular, I go to parties a lot, I do what every other rich kid does. It's pretty boring, really. I prefer to just stay at home and read a book or something. What about you?"

"Well, I'm in a band. We toured with One Direction"

"I know. I'm a fan of them." I smile proudly.

"Oh, really? Who's your favorite."

"Niall. I guess you can say he's my celebrity crush."

"My celebrity crush is Mila Kunis."

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"Because you like someone like that and you're parents are making you marry someone like me." I giggle.

Luke chuckled, "You're not so bad."

"Psh, you don't know me well enough, that's why."

We stayed silent for a while. It wasn't an awkward silence. More like a nice silence.

"I should get you home. Your mom's probably worried." Luke spoke up.

"I could be dead and my mom wouldn't notice until like a year later."

"C'mon," he laughed as he pulled me up from the swing.

The limo was already waiting for us at the end of the street. So our date wasn't so bad. It could've been better and it could've been worse. At least now I knew Luke wasn't some psychopath. On our way to my house, Luke kept messing with my phone. He was probably putting his number in like every other idiot. We arrived to my mansion-like home. Luke gave me my phone and a kiss on the cheek.

"See you later," he winked.

What a loser. He didn't have to wink after he said that. I walked inside and was greeted by Meredith as always. There was usually nothing to do other than bother anyone working or living in the household. Most rich girls would go out shopping but to be honest, I hate shopping. Plus, I don't really feel like dealing with paparazzi. Whenever, anyone leaves the home, they think it's my model of a sister or my fashion designer mother or my father, owner of a publishing company. Then there was plain ol' me. Everyone hopes to get something out of me. They think I'll become something bigger than my parents or sister. But they're wrong. All I want to do is get out of the rich life.

My phone buzzed on my nightstand, interrupting my reading from And The Mountains Echoed. It was a text from Luke. This idiot literally put his name as 'Luke(;' I guess I'll change it later. The text read:

Luke: Hey :)

Me: Ayy lmao

Luke: Wtf?

Me: Deal with it, homie

Luke: Anyways, what are you doing?

Me: Reading.

Luke: Lame.

Me: Shut up. There's nothing else to do.

Luke: Wanna come hang out with me and the guys? We're having band practice in a few minutes.

Me: Nah, you guys seem lame.

Luke: We are so not lame.

Me: Sureee, you're not

Luke: I'll pick you up in 5.

Me: But I never agreed to go...

Minutes later he replied:

Luke: I'm outside.

I ran outside to where Luke was leaned against his shiny black Zenvo. "What? No limo?" I asked him as he opened the door for me. He chuckled and close the door. Luke walked back to the driver's seat and put his seatbelt on. I also put mine on and started messing with his radio.


"Stop what?" I smiled at him.

"Stop messing with my radio."

"Actually, it's the car's radio. Not yours."

"Yeah, but the car is mine so it still belongs to me." Luke stuck his tongue at me. I glared at him, then looked out the window. Oh, how I loved Los Angeles. I wasn't born here but once we moved here, I fell in love with the city. There was something on my thigh. I looked down and saw it was only Luke's hand, looked at him, saw he was looking at me, then turned my gaze back out the window. I wasn't embarrassed by him looking at me and grabbing my thigh. Although I'm used to it, I just didn't know how to act around those kind of situations.

"All right, we're here." Luke pulled up to his mansion-like home, except his home looked much bigger than mine.

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