Six months to fall in love

Abri just moved to a new school. When she gets there she has to find her true love before six months is over. What will she do if she can't find the right guy?


1. Unbelievable

Chapter one: unbelievable  

Abri's POV 

My name is Abri Janz, I'm fifteen and I'm in grade 9. I live in the UK with my mum and little brother Blake. 

This may sound odd but I'm cursed. It sounds like I'm crazy right, ya no. I have the curse of being unable to find love and well there is one other problem I have half a year to find the love of my life or I'll well, I'll die. Yup I'll die, that's the curse, if I don't find the love of my life in six months I'll die. 

Ok well today is my first day at my new school so hopefully the special someone is there otherwise I'm screwed. 

I just finished my breakfast In my room while I looked for my outfit. I decided to wear my white skinnys with my black tall leather boots, a light blue spaghetti strap shirt with a faded gray leather jacket. I put a ribbon that's the same color as my shirt in my long brown wavy hair and my hipster glasses on. I don't really wear makeup so that helps with time in the mornings. When I was all ready I started to walk to the school since it's only a block away from my house. 

When I found my locker and got everything ready I tried to look for my first class. Eventually I asked someone and they showed me where to go. 


It's about ten minutes into class and we where all working on the worksheet we got when the door opened and five guys walked in. They where all laughing really loudly until the professor told them to be quiet and find a seat. Sadly enough there was a line of five empty seats right beside me and they all sat in those seats. 

There is one of them that stands out the most to me. He had shaggy brown hair and blue eyes and well he just happened to be the one who was in the seat right beside me. 

I started to work on my sheet again till I heard someone talking to what I thought was me. 

"Um hey." He said. I didn't really look at him so I'm not sure who it was. " hello. You there, or am I being ignored by the new girl?"He continued and this time I looked up at him putting on a fake smile. 

"Hello." I said as kindly as I could, which was really hard cause the five of them are really getting on my nerves.

"Hey. My name is Louis Tomlinson." The one with shaggy brown hair said to me. 

"my name is Abri. Abri Janz." I say back quickly so I could get back to my work.  

"This is Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn." Louis said pointing to the four guys beside him.  

"I'm sorry but I don't care who your friends are I need to finish my work. You got that." I say sassily to him. 

"Whoa louis, I think we found someone who is sassier then you." Harry said surprised. 

"Not possible." Louis said with a bit of a scared tone in his voice. 


They all had this surprised/scared stare then got back to work. 

At lunch, I got my food and well I awkwardly stood in front of all of the tables until I saw Louis waving at me. I walked over kinda pissed cause he is defiantly NOT my friend so I don't know why he wants me to sit with him.   

Louis POV 

"Hey guys should we see if Abri wants to sit with us, she looks alone." I ask the guys and the all nod. It took a while for her to see me waving but when she saw me she came over looking confused. 

"Um, hey." She said awkwardly 

"Hey." I say to her and she just stood there not knowing what to do. "You wanna sit with us. You looked kinda lost and well I thought we could apologize about earlier." I say and the rest of the guys just looked confused. 

"Um sure." She said and sat down beside me. 

After lunch we all left for our next class which we all had together. We found six empty seats that where beside each other so we could talk like we normally do just this time Abri joined us. 

Ok I have to admit I believe in love at first sight and well I think I felt it with Abri just well she's been nice to all of us but she talks to the other guys more then me and well I think she likes them better then me. 

"Hey guys do you want to come to my place after school." Liam asked us and all of us nodded but Abri. " you want to come to." He asked her and she nodded. 

"I just have to tell my mom that I won't be home after school then." She said quickly grabbing her galaxy and texting her mom  

Abri's POV 

Once I got an answer from my mom I told the guys my mom was going out tonight anyways so it was fine. 

When we all got to Liam's place we just sat in the living room talking a bit till Louis asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. 

"Ok so since we have a new member in our little group, Abri you go first. Truth or dare." Louis asked me and I answered with dare. After I said dare Louis had a really evil look on his face and that's when I made the wrong choice. 

"I dare you to." He stopped for a bit to think." I dare you to kiss the first guy you see at school tomorrow." He said. "And I have to see it." He quickly added on. 

"Ok" I say a bit to chilled."ok, um, Harry truth or dare." 

"Dare." He said a bit to confidently. 

"I dare you to go to school tomorrow just in your boxers." I say evilly and he had a scared look on his face. 

"Um ok. Niall truth or dare." 


"I dare you to fast all day tomorrow." 

"What are you trying to do to me." Niall said upset but then agreed to do the dare. 

Once everyone got there dares I left for home thinking about not going to school tomorrow. 

Louis's POV 

When I got to school I see Abri but when she looked at me she ran off. 
I started running after her and when I got to her hiding place she kissed me. 

Abri's POV 

When I got to school I saw Louis right away and then I remembered the dare he gave me. "I dare you to kiss the first guy you see tomorrow." I ran through my head. When he looked at me I sprinted off trying to get away from him but eventually  he caught up to me. I decided to just get the stupid dare over with so I quickly kissed him. When I was about to run away again he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him and kissed me passionately, when I pulled away I ran off in tears. 

Niall's POV   
I just got to school when I found Abri running away and it looked like she was crying so I decided to go after her. When I caught up to her she ran into the girls loo, I quickly peeked in to see if anyone else was in there. When I found out that she was the only one in there I walked in and looked for the stall that she was in. 

"Um Abri…… are you ok?" I ask her. 

Abri's POV 

When I heard that voice Coming from outside of the stall I was in I immediately knew it was Niall…… wait… WHY THE BLOODY HELL IS NIALL IN THE GIRLS LOO!  

"Um Niall…?" I say to him 

"Ya" he replied a bit to cheery. 

"Why are you in the girls loo?" 

"Because you came in here crying and I wanted to see what was wrong" 

After he said that I opened the stall door and gave him a huge hug. 

"Thanx" I whisper in his ear. 

"So what happened?" He asked me. 

"I did my dare." I say almost crying again. 

"What's so bad about that?" Niall answered whipping away my tears. 

"The first guy I saw was Lou." 


"Well… he kinda kissed me back." I tell him

After about ten minutes of talking to Niall and explaining to him. I ended up telling him about my course, but the thing is I trust him to keep my secret. 

Louis's POV 

In the middle of a interesting lunch, mostly because Niall was staring at our food when he can't eat anything because of his dare, I asked Abri if I could talk to her. 

"Uh sure." She said as we walked off. 

I took her outside so we could be alone. 

"So uh… what did you want to talk about. I mean there's the weather or your favorite movie or…" 

"Shut up." I said to her so I could tell her what I wanted to say. " I was wondering if I was the first person you saw today." 

"Ya" she said looking at her feet. 

"So it was just…"

"Ya" she cut me off knowing what I was about to say. 

"Well did it mean anything to you?" 

Abri's POV 

I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. The thing is it did mean something to me, it meant everything to me but I can't tell him that. Well he did kiss me back so maybe it meant something to him to. 

"Ya… it did" I say looking at my feet again. When I looked up I felt his lips on mine. The kiss was passionate and i felt crazy sparks go off. I've never felt that before with anyone. I knew I should tell Niall this since he's the only other person that knows about my secret. When I pulled away all we could do was smile. 

"Hey um… do you think we could do something sometime." Louis asked looking at his feet while blushing. 

"Um sure." I answer also blushing. "But right now I have to go." After I said that I ran off to find Niall. 

Niall's POV 

I was sitting at the lunch table staring at everyone food when Abri came up to me and pulled me away and to the girls loo again. 

"Why are we in here?" I asked while she checked if anyone was still in here. 

" because I need to tell you something." She said to me.

" ok. What is it." 

"Well you know I told you about my curse and how I have to find my true love otherwise I'll die." 


"Well I kinda felt something with Louis when he…"

"Abri what did he do?" I say cutting her off. 

"He kissed me." 

I just stood there for a while before answering her. 

" so uh what did you feel."

" sparks. And well I never felt them before. Do you think that means something?"

"Well maybe. Is there a catch to the curse?" 

" ya. He has to say he loves me." 

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