Zeus Little Girl

I, Alex Miller, am a demigod. The half sister of Thalia Grace. What happens when I come back after so many years. And, who will be the new people I meet?? And who will I fall in love with.


2. the truth comes out

I was still in the infirmary. Apparently, I was dead for like, 1 minute. But, they have revived me and I am not fully awake. Plus, my rib did not crack, thank the gods. But, the skin is bruised. Better than having a broken rib. The bad new is, I have to be in a wheel chair. Which totally helps. They told be to not do any training for the next few days. Which sucks because Clarisse and I were planning on doing a sword fighting match. Now it has to be cancelled.

"Hey lovebug," Clarisse says, plopping down onto the nor so comfy chair. "You feelin any better??" I then shake my head.

"I have to be in a goddamn wheel chair until the bruise goes away. And they are being strict about it!" I say throwing my as up in the air like an Italion women yelling gay her kids to eat the rest of their pasta that hades not been eaten.

Clarisse then giggles. "You are still that stubborn Alex that I know and love," she says and smiling.

"And you re still the Clarisse that will make fun of me until the end of time. Even though I still love and adore her," I say smiling back at her.

After the laughter dies down, the infirmary door opens and closes quickly. Then, the son of Posiden is standing in the doorway, amazed.

"What do you want, Jackson!" Clarisse says through grinded teeth.

"Umm, I just wanted to ask Alex if she could give me a sword lesson, and maybe archery??" He asks more unsure than asking a question.

"Obviously she is typed up, as you can see," she says motioning me in the hospital bed. "And I don't think she would-" I cut Clarisse off.

"Yes, Son of Posiden I would gladly teach you some of my skills." I say trying to act professional.

He then smirks and walks out of the infirmary silently.

"You want to give that dork lessons!? Are you that nuts. My gods in the heavens," she says face palming her face.

I then giggle. "He doesn't seem that bad, calm down,"

Clarisse sighs.

"You know I would be a lightning bolt on your ass, but I will do that when I can walk on my own 2 feet again. You know how crazy I am to do it," I say trying not to laugh.

She then smirks. "I know you won't,"

"Yeah, your to good of a friend, so no I won't. Hey! Mind if ya come with me to Thalia's tree? It gives me something to do, and I really need the fresh air."

She looks horrified. "I don't think you want to," she says, blocking my wheel chair from my reach.

"What is going on, and tell me the truth or you know I will fire a lightning bolt once we get out their," I say my temper boiling every second.

She then sighs. "You know the bulls, Luke Castellan let them in, and poisoned Thalia's tree,"

And I was beyond livid. And pissed off...

"bring me to Chiron," I say. "Now,"

I then get put into the chair, and start wheeling myself vigoursly toward the big house. And boy he is going to get it big time...

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