Zeus Little Girl

I, Alex Miller, am a demigod. The half sister of Thalia Grace. What happens when I come back after so many years. And, who will be the new people I meet?? And who will I fall in love with.


1. never thought of coming back here again

I never thought I would be standing here. In front of the entrance of Camp. Where demi gods come. I need to just drop it. Leave what has happened here behind and tart fresh. Like a new journey, but it's not. I need to suck it up, and go in their.

I then started walking in. Everything fine. Keep calm, I told myself. Stop being insecure, I say, again to myself.

"Alex?!" Clarisse said. My best friend here at Camp.

"Yeah, it's me," I call back out to her. She then drops her electric weapon, and starts running towards me. She almost knocks me off of my feet. "Woah! Can't breath!" I say.

"Shut up! I get to beat hug you as long as I want. I haven't seen you for ages."

"You have my number!" I say, giggling at her goofiness.

"You know me! I loose things," yes, yes she does. It's her thing.

"So," she says, while picking up my under armour duffle bag. "How's life going?" She asked.

"Well, Let's see. I moved back in with my mom. We moved to Florida. Miami, actually. Umm, you knew that I was staying with my cousins and their parents in Seattle. And, I am thinking about going to a boarding school in London?? I don't know. I am still thinking about that." I say, explaining it all in one breath.

Clarisse then takes a sigh.

"I know what your thinking. Just say it," I say, already feeling guilty that I might leave the states. And leavings all of my friends behind. But, I have to do what's right for me.

"Just, whatever you think is best for you, then I fully support it. Even of you did move to London then that's your decision. Not mine to judge."

At least she supports me. Whatever route I take. I then open up my cabin

I then open up the cabin door, and it was breath taking. The living room was huge, with a flat screen mounted onto the wall. The kitchen was gorgeous, and net to it, was a little sitting area off of the kitchen. Their were 4 bedrooms. One was mine. Since it was deacorated ever so pretty. The next two, only had one bed in each room. And the last one, had 3 bunk beds. Each set had 2 beds on each structure. It was beautiful.

"They have been working on this non stop for over 3 months. It was even requested my Zeus himself," I can here the pang of jealousy in her voice. I just shrug it off.

I then here the cabin door opening and slamming quickly. It was Annabeth. She just killed the mood.

"Their are two bronze steel bulls running around outside," she says still trying to catch her breath.

We were in my room at he moment. I then grab my sword, set of 3 throwing knives. "Let's do this," I say through grinded teeth.

When all three of us get outside, it was a mess. I then see the bull. It was headed straight towards me.

"Oh no!"

"Wait,"I told both Clarisse and Annabeth, while I was putting the knives into my front pocket. "You and Annabeth jump up onto its back, while I go underneath it. Agree," they both nod.

We all go at the same time. I then dig my sword into the steel. It ripped. That's a good sign. Their was into one problem. My sword was stuck at the end. Oh Gods..

"Alex!" Clarisse yelled.

The sword finally let go. The bull finally stopped galloping, but it stepped onto my rub cage. I then here a crack. Oh great.. The bull exploded into bits. One down, one more to go.

I tried getting up, but I couldn't. "Don't move. HELP!" Clarisse yelled out. Nobody came. "Screw it," she then lifted me up ever so gently bridal style, and started running to the infirmary.

"Stay with me, Alex. You did great. Just stay with me," she says.

Everything. Started to fade. And I blacked out just as she went through the front door of the infirmary...

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