Zeus Little Girl

I, Alex Miller, am a demigod. The half sister of Thalia Grace. What happens when I come back after so many years. And, who will be the new people I meet?? And who will I fall in love with.


3. "Let's do this!!"

Chapter 3

Alex pov

"Chiron?! Mr. D?!" I yell through the big house. Both of them start walking through to the entrance if their office. "Oh boy..." Mutters Mr. D. I growled. And then came a clash of thunder and screams erupting outside. "Why didn't you hooligans tell me that Thalia's tree was poisoned?? Care to explain," I say as calm as ever when I really want to slap spark them in the gods damned face

"Clarisse why did you tell her?!" Boomed a teeth grinded Chiron. "Hey! If you want to yell at me, then you are going to deal with Ares," says Clarisse. Almost like a threat to Chiron.

"We thought that you would try and find who this person is. And especially in your condition, we didn't want to mKe everything worse," says Chiron. "All that I wanted was the truth, and couldn't even give me that!" I say and yelling at the end of my sentence. I then storm out of the big house, and wheel myself back to the infirmary. I then wheel myself up to the nurse. "Is their anyway for the heeling process for my bruise??" I ask. She then sighs, "we prefer if you heel the traditional process. But yes their is another way." "What does it involve??" I ask now regretting that I even asked her. "It involves needles, and an old remedy that my warlock grandmother taught me." I then give her a questionable look. "Is it safe." "Yes, I also used it on another demigod that's was in your state." I then nod my head. "Let's do this!" I yell and fist pumping the air. The nurse then giggles and takes out what she needs from a safe...

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