Not So Ordinary

Rosie is at college and like every other 17 year old, she is unsure about her very near future choices. She has half a year left at Sixthview College, and she has a choice whether to branch out into a new chapter of her life, or stay on another 2 years at an academy. But who will come into her life that will make her want to stay? Or even go?


7. 7

We got onto the top floor as Harry took me down the corridor to room 401. As I passed the other rooms I heard vague sounds of music, then the television, then chatting. I guessed that it was the other boys. Just as we were about to get to Harry's room, we heard a door open. 'Well, you must be Rosie!' I heard a voice say. I turned around to see Niall Horan, followed by Zayn Malik. I nodded shyly. 'Leave her alone guys' Harry mumbled as he searched in his pockets for the room key. 'Nice to meet you!' Zayn said. 'You too' I replied with a small smile. We finally got into Harry's room and he shut the door. 'Sorry about that' He apologized. 'Oh, it's fine!' I assured him. We sat on the little sofa and talked. I told him about college and my mum and Dave and whether I should stay and study for 2 more years. He told me about performing and the not so good sides of being in a world famous band. He also told me about his family and home life which I liked. 

At 9:30, I told him I should go so he grabbed his keys and we left the room. He drove me back to college and came and opened my door for me again. 'Thank you for taking me home' I said. 'No problem, thank you for coming round..I haven't had a nice time like that in a long while' He admitted. I blushed slightly. 'We should do it again some time' He said. I raised my head and nodded. 'Same time, next week?' He smirked. 'Sounds good' I grinned. He smiled, as he then kissed me on the cheek. 'I'll be in touch' He said with a wink as he got in his car and sped off. 

 I grinned to myself as I quietly made it up to my dorm room and fell into bed.

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