Not So Ordinary

Rosie is at college and like every other 17 year old, she is unsure about her very near future choices. She has half a year left at Sixthview College, and she has a choice whether to branch out into a new chapter of her life, or stay on another 2 years at an academy. But who will come into her life that will make her want to stay? Or even go?


6. 6

The next day dragged. All I could think of was meeting Harry again. What should I wear? What are we going to talk about? What if he doesn't like me and thinks i'm weird? Ugh. Too much to think about. I had told Amelia about the whole situation during Psychology and she could barely believe it. 

Finally the day was over, and I hurriedly went up to my room and shut the door. I got in the shower quickly and hopped out. I wrapped a towel round me as I sat in front of my wardrobe. I didn't want to be too under-dressed. Or over-dressed for that matter. In the end, I put on a little pale pink summer dress, with a denim jacket over the top. Not dressy but still nice. I dried off my hair and left it natural, which was a mixture of waves. I didn't have time to tend to it. I put on my usual makeup and slipped on my white vans. It was 7, so I grabbed my bag and walked quietly downstairs. I didn't want anyone to hear me because I didn't want them to ask where I was going. They'd never believe me. I walked outside of the college building and down to the old, grand gates where sure enough, there was a black land-rover parked in a shadow. My heart thumped and my palms were clammy. I felt a bit sick with nervousness. This is Harry Styles. I'm going to Harry Styles' hotel room. If only everyone knew, I thought to myself. I got close to the land-rover as he saw me and smiled. I opened the passenger door and clambered in. 'Hi' I spoke quietly. 'Hey' He grinned as he started the engine and we drove off, into the darkness. 'So, how are you?' He asked me. 'Fine thanks, you?' I answered. I sounded so boring, but I was too scared to say anything other than the basic answer. 'I'm fine' He laughed. 'What's so funny?' I questioned. 'You don't have to be nervous' He reassured me. 'Well, this is kind of surreal for me' I shrugged as I admitted. 'I don't want it to be' He smiled as we turned into a hotel car-park. It was a lovely hotel, 5 stars nonetheless. 'So, all 5 of you are staying here?' I asked him. 'Yeah, and a few members of management but don't worry they won't bother us' He said. I nodded and smiled. We parked up and Harry came and opened my door for me. 'Thank you' I smiled up at him as I hopped out. He grinned back. Man, he was tall. And his green eyes were just...captivating. I felt a bit confused with my feelings. Sure Harry was gorgeous and lovely but I didn't actually know him. I thought that meeting a member of one direction and this whole situation happening would make me just fall in love with them. But I suppose this is real life, and everything takes time. Who say's anything romantic is going to come out of this 'thing' with Harry. I was thinking to much into it, i'd only just met him for crying out loud. 

I shook my head of any thoughts like that, as Harry and I walked round the back of the hotel. Harry guided me to a small elevator as we both got in and he pressed the top floor. He smiled at me as I looked around. 'Wow, you even get your own way in' I joked with him as he laughed. 

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