Not So Ordinary

Rosie is at college and like every other 17 year old, she is unsure about her very near future choices. She has half a year left at Sixthview College, and she has a choice whether to branch out into a new chapter of her life, or stay on another 2 years at an academy. But who will come into her life that will make her want to stay? Or even go?


4. 4

It was all a bit weird. Surreal even. These 5, tall, gorgeous boys came walking in, smiling and waving. They looked like something out of a film. 'Woah' Becca whispered. Nobody said anything, we all just sat in awe. Then, they just answered questions and stuff like that. I'm not sure what they were saying because I wasn't really paying attention - it was a bit of a blur. I did see Harry Styles in particular though, he was literally beautiful. The session came to an end and they were about to leave. Harry went up to Mr Bains and asked if he could get a bottle of water from anywhere. 

'You, on the end!.....Hello? On the end?' 

I shook my head and looked up at Mr Bains pointing ferociously at me. 'Escort Harry to the canteen please, it will be empty so don't worry about..'fans''. I nodded nervously and got up. Harry smiled at me and followed me out of the room.

When we were in the empty corridor he spoke to me. 'Hi, i'm Harry!' He grinned as he held out he hand. I shook it and laughed softly. 'I know, you're kind of in an internationally known boyband' I teased. He laughed and shook his head. 'What's your name?' He asked me. ', Rosie Thornhill' I answered. He nodded, processing the new information. We got to a vending machine, as Harry got out some change from his pocket. He groaned as he counted the money. 'I don't suppose you had 20p do you?' He asked, almost embarrassed. I literally laughed out loud. 'You get millions and millions of pounds and you don't even have the change for a bottle of water?' I teased him as I jingled about in my purse and gave him the 20p. 'I know, ironic huh?' He laughed as he took the money. 'Well, Rosie looks like i'm going to have to see you again to repay you..literally' He smirked. My heart pounded..Harry Styles wants to see ME again? 'Honestly, it's 20p don't worry about it' I giggled. 'No, no, I insist, what's your number?' He asked. My palms were sweating as I recited my number. 'I'll be in touch' He smiled and winked, as we got back to the classroom and went out separate ways. 

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