Not So Ordinary

Rosie is at college and like every other 17 year old, she is unsure about her very near future choices. She has half a year left at Sixthview College, and she has a choice whether to branch out into a new chapter of her life, or stay on another 2 years at an academy. But who will come into her life that will make her want to stay? Or even go?


3. 3

So, one direction were visiting my English class tomorrow. Did I really care? I suppose not many people can say they've met them and it is quite exciting I guess. 

I was sprawled on my bed whilst Amelia sat on my bean bag as we debated about one direction. 'Well I think it's quite cool' Amelia admitted. I nodded. 'Oh my god, imagine if you like, got together with a member of one direction' Amelia joked. We both laughed at the ridiculousness of it. 

Amelia went back to her dorm room a bit later as I went to bed. For some reason I kept thinking about one direction. I tried to stop myself, I told myself 'You are 17 not 7'. But they seem like good guys. What was I even thinking, they're worldwide celebrities for crying out loud. 

I closed my eyes and gradually fell asleep. 

I woke up and did my usual routine. I stopped when I got to my wardrobe. What should I wear? Will it look weird if I make an effort? Or shall I go normal and natural? In the end I just put on a nice pair of Topshop jeans and a little white floaty top. I looked at myself in the mirror. 'Natural' I said to myself. I grabbed my bag and walked out of my room, down the corridor, skipping Amelia's room as she didn't have 1st period today so she wouldn't be awake. I had English first. Right, let's get this over with then, I thought to myself. I went into my English classroom and all the tables had been taken out, replaced with rows of chairs, with 5 chairs facing the 'audience'. A few people had sat down, so I took a seat in the front row, but on the very end. Shortly, a girl called Becca came in and sat next to me. We talk in English and she seems nice. 'So, are you excited about meeting one direction?' She grinned. I kind of nodded but shrugged. 'I guess so' I answered. The room was filled quickly and Mr Bains came in. 'Okay class, One Direction are now outside so please can we all settle down for their arrival' He recited quickly. He seemed a bit stressed. I shuffled about in my seat, not knowing what to expect. He whispered to a teacher outside the door then came back to us. 'Okay everyone, here they are! The boys of One Direction'

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