Help Me!


3. who is he

Jenna's POV

I woke up early and went to the basement of the hotel I walked out of the elevator not knowing what was down there and I was also very curious to see I looked around to find a drum set, guitar, and keyboard, and 5 skate board leaning up against a mini indoor skate park this was like my ultimate dream room I love it I ran to the drum set and started playing not long after a boy came down I wasn't really able to see his face he had a blue flashback white tank top and jeans his SnapBack was covering his face

"Your great on the drums" he complemented

"Thanks" i said looking down blushing a bit

"Me and my friends have a band and our drummer might have to quit because of some drama going on back in his home town you can join if you want" he said

"I don't know" I replied

Niall's POV

She was beautiful and she knows how to play the drums I think I'm in love, I'm being creepy Arn't I what ever, but she's just so perfect

Kassy's POV

Who is he I think I like him but I don't even know his name well he's already gone now so what ever I hope I see him again I want to know who he is.


Sorry it's sorta sucky again I need more ideas give me something plz. Love ya's bye

Kassy - xx

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