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4. the concert

Jenna's POV

I'm so exited for today I'm going to the One Direction concert and I have VIP tickets I can't wait to meet them, but I still can't stop thinking about that boy that offered me to audition for a drummer in his band. Well I shouldn't be worrying about that now I went to my bags and picked out a loose neon green crop top that said "skate!" Across it and a black tank top with a pair of black shorts and neon green "DC" shoes with a neon green "DC" SnapBack ya I know I like to match my clothes by color I grabbed my drum stick and put them in my back pocket and grabbed Johnny's neon green ripstik he won't care it had my breakfast took my shower and got dressed I woke up Phebster and Johnny and they got ready.

Phebster's POV

"Wake up" I heard Kassy shaking me

"What" I asked

"The concerts today" she said I forgot all. About it I shot up and ran to my bags, I picked out a blue shirt that said "dance!" Across it and a pair of black shorts and blue "DC" shoes and a blue "DC" SnapBack I ate breakfast and took my shower then grabbed my blue ripstik ya I know we like matching our clothes by color

Johnny's POV

I woke up to Jenna shaking me I was kind of curious at first then remembered the concert was today I shot up and grabbed one of Jenna's red "DC" shirts (it was supposed to be for boys anyways) then grabbed a pair of my red shorts and a red "DC" SnapBack with red "DC" shorts then used Jenna's new red ripstik and ate breakfast and took a shower and yes I am a boy Directioner

*1 hour later*

Kassy's POV

"C'mon let's go so we can get there early" yelled Phebster

"Ok" me and Johnny yelled grabbing our ripstiks since the arena just down the street we got there and went in we made it to the front row with Eleanor, Perrie, and Sophia

"Hey" I said

"Hey how are you" they asked

"Good" I replied

"Hi I'm Phebster" said Phebster being her crazy self as we all giggled

"I'm Jenna and this is Johnny" I said pointing at Johnny who was blushing bright red we laughed at the sight

Johnny's POV

I got so shy

"H-hi" I stuttered

"So you can talk" joked Perrie

"Y-ya" I stuttered

"What's wrong your never this shy" asked Phebster

"Nothing" I replied quickly

"Someone's in love" teased Sophia

"I'm not in love and how would you know" I stated

"I have two little brothers and one big brother I think I would know" she replied

Phebster's POV

After a while we made friends with the girls there very amazing and so nice Louis sisters came down to see us and god phobe and Daisy are adorable

Jenna's POV

About an hour later every one was there and the concert stated Niall kept going to the boys and pointing in our direction I don't know why but maybe he was pointing at the girls when he showed what or who ever it was to all the boys he kept looking over at us he also kept coming over to us and grabbing my hand the boys kept looking at us to I was quit confused but I ignored it and had a good time.

*after the concert*

We went back stage to see the boys

"Hey" Niall said wavering walking up to us

"Hi" I said before my phone went of Niall and the boys followed me I blushed then looked up to see Niall with a bottle of silly string

"Hi" he said again

"Ahhhh" I screamed starting to run away I ran until he cought up to me

"No" I screamed trying to block my self as he sprayed we fell to the ground laughing then got up

"Hi" I said as he helped me up

"What's up" he asked

"The sky" I said

"Well duh" he said as the boys came up behind him we went to find out where Phebster and Johnny went till we found them with Phoebe and Daisy

"Jenna" yelled Phoebe and Daisy hugging me

"So I can see you made friends with my quit crazy sisters" said Louis hugging them

"Ya there adorable" me and Phebster said

"You wanna chip" asked Niall

"Sure" I said blushing a bit

"Somebody likes you" said the rest boys teasing me

"No" Niall said blushing I giggled a little as the boys started nodding behind him

Niall's POV

Ok I admit it I of have a small crush on her but she's so perfect they stayed for a while longer till Paul told me and the boys we had to get ready for the drum auditions on Friday I went with it because when I saw her in the basement of the hotel I told her about the auditions and she said maybe we left to our hotel

Jenna's POV

Ok now I really think he has a crush on me but whatever that's not what I have to worry about right now tomorrow's Friday and I'm really nervous about the audition we went back to our hotel room and it took a shower and put on my PJ's by now it was like 8:00pm I was so tired I laid down on my bed and fell right to sleep.


Hope you like it so far I might update twice today love ya's bye

Kassy- xx

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