Help Me!


2. Leaving

Jenna's POV

"Wake up" I heard a voice whisper in my ear shaking me a little

"What" I wined rolling over

"We're going Toronto" said the voice as I flutters my eyes to see Johnny

Johnny's POV

It was supposed to be a surprise but I knew that she wouldn't get out of bed unless I told her

Jenna's POV

I jumped of the top bunk and run into my bathroom to take a shower I go a black and red striped loose crop top that said skate across the front and a pair of black shorts and put my hair in a messy side pony tail and a little mascara and concealer because I was very tired I ran to my new ripstik and opened it I went out side and rode on it for a while

"Ready to go" asked Johnny as Phoebe walked out

"Ya one sec. " I said running into the house and grabbing my suite case and running back into the car my aunt dropped us of at the hotel and we walked in the man gave us our room number and 3 cards for the door we went in and got unpacked I saw the pool so I went in and got my swimsuit I went to the bathroom and got changed into a red and black bikini (I don't really like bikinis but it was all I could find right now) and washed my makeup of so I wouldn't have to worry about my mascara running I got out of the bathroom and put my clothes in my suitcase again

"Where are you going" asked Johnny

"Swimming" I replied

"Ok we'll meet you down there" yelled Phoebe looking for her swimsuit I went down the elevator and slipped the card into the slot to get into the pool area and went in I was all alone for a bit till Phoebe and Johnny came in I'm a very good swimmer I've been swimming since I was an month old. I went of the diving board a couple times and of the slide a couple times when I came back upove the water I saw two boys on their balcony (the pool is in the middle of the hotel and the rooms go around it with the bacony's facing in towards the pool) there was a blond boy and the other had brown hair the blond one was pointing and me whispering something to the other one I recognized them from somewhere but I'm not quit sure I can hardly see there faces from here. When we where done swimming we went back to the room and fell sound a sleep.


Hey guys here's the second chapter I hope you like it (I know it's kinda sucky but it was all I could think of) lobbed you guys bye.


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