Help Me!


5. audition

Jenna's POV

So today is my audition for a drummer in a band I can't wait I woke up and grabbed a blue shirt that said "DC" on it and a pair of blue jean shorts and a pair of blue and green "DC" shoes and a blue hat that said "DC" in green I grabbed my drum sticks and put then in my back pocket and grabbed Phebster's blue ripstik and ran out I no I shouldn't be doing this but I put my ripstik down and rode it to the elevator I rode circles in the elevator I rode out and picked up my ripstik when I got a clear view of who I was I was shocked I saw Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn

"Hi" I said

"Hi" Niall said dropping his food and struggling to put his arms on the desk as me and the boys started laughing at him

"Ooooooooooooooooooo" Louis teased putting her hand in front of his mouth

"Ok then" Harry said awkwardly. I sat on the chair and started playing 'does he know' , they already knew my name and all that from last night

"Your in" Niall immediately said standing up

"Niall we still have five more auditions" claimed Harry

"Oh fine" Niall said sitting back down I giggled

"I'll still choose you" he mouthed when no one was looking but me. K so now I know for sure he likes me I just don't wanna say anything yet.


Sorry about the short chapter I ran out of ideas hope you liked it though. Love ya's


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