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1. Birthday

June 16, 2013

Jenna's POV

I was in Oaksville to visit my aunt for my birthday

"Hey" I heard a voice from behind me I turned around to see my best friend Johnny the only time I see him is when I come to see my aunt or when he comes to see his aunt in Cornwall

"Johnny I thought" I started but was irrupted by my other friends down here jumping up

"Surprise" they all yelled

"Oh my god" I yelled as they all crowded me hugging me

"Oh my god thank you so much I love you guys"

We ate our cake and root bear

"Present time!" Johnny practically yelled in my ear because he was right beside me

"Ok who first" I asked looking at every one

"Me first" my best friend from back home said passing me a tall but skinny gift I opened it there was a 50$ iTunes gift card, and a 50$ Starbucks gift card

"Thank you so much" I said hugging her

"Wait there's one more" she said

"What is it what is it what is it" I asked

"Not yet open all the other gifts first" she said

I opened all the other gifts

"K I'm done" I said I was very exited because if she's make it the last one it must be really big

"Fine" she sighed handing me a very small envelope. I opened it and found 3 one direction tickets and 3 back stage passes then she handed me one big red and black striped wrapping paper and I ripped it open and saw drum sticks tapped to another wrapped box I ripped that one open to and found a red ripstik

"Oh my god thank you so much I-I-I'm speechless" I screamed

"Holy shit she must be really happy I've never heard her scream that loud before" Johnny said and every one nodded in agreement

"There's one more thing" Johnny said handing me a card

"I thought you didn't have time to go shopping" I asked

"Ya because I was to busy on the phone getting this" he smiled

"Ok" I said opening it I saw coupons for free rooms at a hotel In Toronto

"Wow" I said sarcastically not to be rude but I'm not even a legal adult I'm only turning 15 tonight

"You'll see you'll love me for it later" he said

After the party was done and every one was gone except for me, Johnny and Phoebe we where havering a sleep over (no it's not awkward me and Phoebe have known each other since we were one when we where both orphans and I always being Phoebe to Toronto with me since she's an orphan and her foster mom and dad can't really take her anywhere because of the other orphans and we all became best friends when we where two and we still are) we skyped my other friend Emma to see how she was doing we met her when we where four normally I bring her to but this time her mom didn't let her because they had other plans

"Hey" she said answering her Skype

"Hey how are you" I asked as Johnny and Phoebe came up behind me

"Good" she replied

"How are things down in Cornwall" I asked

"Same" she replied

"JP" I asked

"Still stupid duh" we all said at the same time then started laughing

"Well what should we do it's kinda boring with out you" we said

"Um you wanna play Skype truth or dare" she suggested

"Ya sure" we replied

We play till like 3:00am

"K this is the last on see have to go to bed" Johnny demanded

"K" said Emma

"Uh... Jenna, truth or dare" asked Emma

"Uh... Dare" i said smiling

"I dare you to kiss Johnny" dared Emma

"Ew no" me and Johnny said at the same time

"Well you should be able to you guys used to date" said Phoebe. Ya it's true we did date before but it made us feel awkward so we agreed on breaking up and staying as best friends

"Fine" we said. We looked at each other and kissed each other on the dimples instead so it looks like we were actually kissing

"Ewww" we heard the girls say

"K well we got to go to bed good night" we said our last good nights and went to bed

Johnny's POV

I made the girls go to bed because tomorrow we're going to the hotel in Toronto.


Sorry this is my second post of the same book I know it's because for some reason when I publish something and leave the app to do something it automatically deleted itself I'm working on the problem that's why my other books won't update sorry. Also I'll try my best to update every day. Love you guys bye

Kassy- xx

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