Reality and it's mystery

Have you ever felt like life and the people are just boring, like not even wanting to try? Well I have, every single day. I don't like the idea of being used however that's how the world works. I know now that it's the good people who do not make it in society. The one ps who always get what they want and always make it big are the ruthless the ones who use people to get what they want.


2. Prison and key

Beep beep. The alarm ringed really loud and continued to ring. " aw man, seriously I wish they would change from attending at 7:05 to at least 8:00 that way I won't be so sleepy"
The door opens as my little brother walks in"Joe wake up and shut the alarm already sheesh" he says with an annoyed look.
I get up look at the time and shut the alarm "sigh, waking up this early is annoying." I get ready grab my stuff and walk out the door, I slammed the door shut and started walking down the stairs.
 " hmm I don't see anyone passing by that's strange" 
I walk once again, I look to the right and notice that people were running. 
    " shit I need to hurry the bus is gonna leave me behind"
I ran toward the bus as fast as I could and luckily I maid it on time.
Evry one looked at me as I walked towards an empty seat, I sat down picked up my backpack and plaiced it on my lap and took out my ipod to hear music. I began to think about unordinary things that I would want to happend to me, until I fell asleep as I lisind to my music on my way to my destination.
 "Joe, hey joe wake up we're here already" Brandon said as he shook me.
"Huh what" I said wile Rubin my eyes and yawning.
     " we're here, school hurry up get out the way" said Brandon, who was impatiently arguing as he sat next to me.
As I got off the bus I began to walk towards my spot which wasn't to far. I arrived at my usual place, a trash can at the corner outside of a classroom wall and a roof long enough to produce shade.
" hmp school, there's nothing more fun" I said with a sarcastic tone.

"Joe, you're at it again with those dead fish eyes?" Rey said as he walked towards me with a humerus attitude. 

"Hmm, oh it's just you." I said.

" what's with that disappointed face? You act as if you don't want to see me." He said with a smirk on his face.

Joking, I said "So you do understand, that's good" 

" ok enough with the jokes, what was it you wanted to show me so bad that it was urgent?" He said with a serious face.

I opend my bag and took out an object wrapped around dirty and old pieces of shredded clothe. "take a look at what I found on Saturday." I handed him the mestireous object to him.

"Hmmm, what" he looked surprised.

"This is just a normal mask" he said.

"Look at that paper attached to it" 

"What paper?" 

I was very surprised at what I saw. Rey wasn't able to see the paper attached to the mask, he also couldn't see the mask. We both were looking at different masks but we were definitely looking at the same thing.

"You know what never mind."

I took the mask and waited for school to end. I was sure there was something strange about the mask, it's definitely not normal.

"What's up with this mask?" 

I got home, took out the mask and reed the rules and this is what it said:
       This mask is a tool created by beings greater then the gods. This mask can be           used to alter you're body and you're mind however you need more then just the mask to completely change. There's other pieces to the pusle with a set of rules. Be warn if you cannot see the actual mask then do not put it on, you will lose more then what you would want.

"This... This is definitely real. Interesting" I put on the mask without a second thought.

I placed the mask on my face and held it there for three seconds. 

"Nothing seems to be ha... AAAaaaahhhh" I screamed in pain as two thick spikes growing from inside the eyes pierced my temple on each side and stabbed into my brain. 

Mask: "what is it you want boy"

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