Reality and it's mystery

Have you ever felt like life and the people are just boring, like not even wanting to try? Well I have, every single day. I don't like the idea of being used however that's how the world works. I know now that it's the good people who do not make it in society. The one ps who always get what they want and always make it big are the ruthless the ones who use people to get what they want.


3. Mask part 1

"Joe, hey joe wake up... Please.. " my mom said with low trembling voice.

I felt something cold on my cheek imideatly I knew what it was, it was my cearing mothers tear,  she was crying for me. I knew My mom was hurt but I did not know why that was.

"Joe.. You've been asleep to long it's time for you to wake up"

I could not speak I did not know why but my body wouldn't react to my commands I could only lisin to my mothers voice.

"Joe it's been three years since you've been in a coma. I... We want you back"

To some it may seem pathetic that I reacted to my moms voice, but that's the only person that deeply ceared for me... Always. My body was regaining its strength as tears flowed down from my eyes and I stood up to face my mom and the rest of my family behind her. I had no idea what was going on but what I did know is that I had awoken from my long slomber and I was ready to be someone new.

Once my family took me home I ate and played a good amount of time with my parents and brothers. They seemed so happy to have me back, however there was something strange taking place in my body. At night when I was about to sleep I looked in the mirror and I stood there with mixed feelings.

"What's this?  What... What happened to my body?"

My fat was turned to muscle my skin looked lighter then it once was, my pimpols gone. I looked handsome for the first time in my life I new I this was the day I had been waiting for. I had changed however I soon came to realize that all this was an illusion, my presents divorced a long time ago and my two brothers were murdered at ages 5 an 8. Every thing was an illusion the mask created to make me open my mined in order to understand something.

"What is the mining of this why did you do this, why show me this?" I said

Mask:" humans are weak creatures broken so easily however you're no longer human so don't waver. What I'm showing you is very important so pay attention."

" wha.."
Mask:"shut up and hear what I say. Reality is bendable and theirs beings grater then gods, now you're also one greater then a god. You've been one of the lowest humans, abandoned, bullied harassed, betrayed and no real friends plus the fact that you're brothers were murdered."

" yea and that's gods fault I hate what he has done to me" I said with a furious tone in my voice.

Mask: "gods huh? Gods get their power from humans preyers. The second source are humans grief, darkness, sadness, and pain, so you're just a pawn in their hands."




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