1. Chapter 1


"Chari?" I took my eyes out of my locker and placed them on Amy's.


Chari was my nickname for Amy But my actually name was Clarissa. Only my close family and friends called me 'Chari' so when Amy called me that I didn't get mad or anything because after all she was my best friend.


"Amy?" I watched her look down at the floor and back up. Something funny must be going on.


"What are you doing tomorrow?"


"You know watching tv, playing video games, texting... I'll be very busy." Amy and I bursted into laughter until it got serious.


"No for real Chari, what are you doing tomorrow?"


"Nothing." She playfully rolled her eyes then smiled.


"Mine coming to a concert with me?" Her smile got even bigger at the words she said.


"If it's a Justin Bieber concert then I will definitely won't be going." I rolled my eye. She knows I disliked Justin Bieber...


"C'mon it will be fun and plus you own me one." She winked and then I finally give in.




She smiled and walked away. I went back to my locker getting the books for my next class and then...




The bell rang. Time to go to class. Fuck my life.


~~At home the next day getting ready~~


"Should I wear this?" I twirled around so Amy could get a better view.




I was wearing exactly what in the picture down below ; (sorry if your reading this on you phone)

And Amy was wearing ;

I swear she look more prettier than me despite Justin Bieber basically in here whole outfit. 


We were almost to the taxi really to go but I forgot my phone.


"Shit! My phone!!"

"Go get it, i'll tell the taxi guy to wait."


With that I ran upstairs got my phone out my dresser and ran back down stairs and into the taxi. 

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