A famous youtuber (only in the story) is kidnapped. Along with danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, KickthePJ, Crabstickz, CharlieIsSoCoolLike, and Nerimon.


3. Such a Fool

We just sat in the van and waited to arrive at wherever we are supposed to arrive at.

The van braked and we were all fling forward. Dan landed on top of me. I groaned and tried to push him off of me.

The door swung open and about five people were there, with wicked grins on there faces.

One grabbed me and Charlie whilst the others were picked by the other four men. We were taken inside of this wratchet house and thrown into this room with three bunk beds and one normal bed.

They ripped off the duct tape, and ran towards the normal bed. It was the least decent bed, bit at that time, all of the other beds were taken.

"Nooooooooo!!!!! I was such a fool!!!! A fooooooolll!!!!!" I wailed while on my knees.

They all gave me weird looks.

"I am NOT sleeping in that bed." Dan got up and went over to the bed.

"You can share with one of us, I guess." He shrugged.

"Fine." I walked over to the one Fan was on a moment before and plopped down on the thing.

"So how long do you think we'll be here?" Alex asked.

"They'll let is go when put fans pay the ransom note. Hopefully." PJ said.

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