Summer trouble

Ok this is my first movella so i hope u like it!!(: ~~~ Ok my names Danielle but i go by dani. I just transferred to FHS. Of course being the new girl is always fun, not! I am visiting my dad for the whole summer but hes barely around because of work. Hope this summer will be fun!


5. Project

Danis POV:

woke up early this morning. Get up and take my shower then pick out wht i want to wear. I get a black sleevless tight top with pink tiny flowers on it. With a tan high waisted ruffled skirt with flowers on it. I put a denim jacket on and some tan flower toms. Then i start to curl my hair *20 mins later* finally im down. I put a white flower clip in my hair thin i put my makeup on: skin color eyeshadow, lightly mascara, and my peach pink lip gloss. When im all ready i brush my teeth and head downstairs. Dad left early but he left a not   "Hey Danielle, early meeting today. I left 20$ on the counter for pizza. Wont be home till 9pm. You can have friends over but no more than 3. Have fun love you, Dad <3"  Well thats just great. Better head to the bus stop. *on the bus* 

"Ok guess wht!?" Dylan asked. "What?" I asked. "Weeell, i switched hours and i get to be in ur first hour!" He said excitedly. "Really thats great!" I yelled. 

*1st Hour* 

" Ok class, today we are doing a project with the constition. You will be making a law and amindment. Now i want both to be typed in 3 paragraphs" mrs. Watson announced. "Uggh" i said quietly. "But, since you guys are good at working with partners , I will be putting you in pairs. And it might take awhile so u can work on it after school to". She said. 

Me and Dylan both look at eachother and smile. "I hope we get paired" Dylan whispers. "Me to." Mouth to him. "Ok, Rachel and charlie, Ashley and Kayla, Dani and Dylan, Ali and Lauren...."she  said. "Yes!" Me and Dylan both said. "Ok since we dont have tht much time left in class how     about i go to ur house tonight?" He asked. "Sure, my dad wont be home till 9" i tolled him. "Perfect" he said winking at me.  

*walking home* 

"Ok do you know wht we should do for the law and amindment?" I asked dylan walking into my house. "Well we could do gay marriage?" He asked. "Sure" i said. We both walk to my room andsit on my bed. I grab my laptop and we both sit next to eachother. *later on* "Haha nooo Dylan, they dont allow them in the navy not the airplane, you goof!" I yelled laughing. 

"Ooh im the goof! Ill show you a goof!" He yelled and started tickling me. "Haha no stop it Haha tht tickles stop!!" I laughed. " make me!" He said getting closer to me. "What if i dont want to"i said staring straight into his eyes. " well im gonna stop so i can do this" he said smashing his lips on mine. We slowly started making out. He tried putting his tounge in asking for intrance, but i didnt let me. "Aww" he whined. "Oh fine"i said. He stuck his tounge in mine and i stuck mine in his and started exploring eachthores mouth. He grabs my thighs and lifts me up and puts me on the bed were hes on top of me.

He starts taking his shirt off showing his amazing abbs. "Wow" i said looking at them. "You like" he said smirking. I start to slowly feel them. "Now ur turn" he tolled me while slowly taking my shirt off. "Wow" he said with his eyes wide staring at my chest since i wear a C. "You like" i said moking him. "Yea" he said still staring. Then he stares at me and i shake my head yes. Then he starts kissing inbetween the clevage all the way down to my belly button. 

"I really want to make love with you" he said whispering in my ear. "Well whts stopping u?" I said getting on top of him. I could feel his boner a d it was really big! I bite my lower lip looking at his abbs. Then i start to kiss them down to his pants, i start to unbutton it with my teeth. I slowly pull them off and start kissing at the rim of his boxers. "Mmm"he said biting his lower lip. When i was about to take them off his phone went off. "Crap!" He yelled in frustration. 

"Hello?" He said annoyed. "Right now?" He asked. "Ok fine, yea im on my way, ok bye love u to" he said ending the call. " it was my mom, i have to go" he said looking sad. " we always have tomorrow. But wed have to atleast finish one paragraph" i said smirking at him. "Alright" he said smiling. We kissed for a lil more than got dressed and i walked him to the door. "i had fun" he said. "Me to" i said back. Then we kissed one last time and he gave me a hug then left. I close the door and slide to the floor smiling. "Wow" was all i could say. Today was the best day ever! Cant wait till tomorrow. 


Hey guys! Sorry i havent updated for a long time been busy lately! Well comment if u like it so far and if u want me to do more the next time they hangout. 5 comments for another update! Love you all like fan and favorite! <33



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