Summer trouble

Ok this is my first movella so i hope u like it!!(: ~~~ Ok my names Danielle but i go by dani. I just transferred to FHS. Of course being the new girl is always fun, not! I am visiting my dad for the whole summer but hes barely around because of work. Hope this summer will be fun!


3. Great day!

Once we get to school, Dylan walks me to the office, "Well heres the office, i hope we have alot of classes together! See ya!" And he walked away. I walk in. "Hi im here to get my schedual" i said politely. "What is your name dear?" Said the kind looking lady. "Um Danielle Parker". "Oh, here you are! You must be new? Well im Mrs. Davis the secretary." She smiled. "Here is your schedual and a littlet map of the school. If you need any help, ill be here" she said. "Ok thank you" i smiled back. "Oh and at the bottom is your locker # and combo". "Thank you" i said walking off to find my locker. When i finally find my locker, class has already started. Great way to start the day off. And my locker is at the bottom floor to. I put my things in my locker and go through my schedule.  1st hour~ history 2nd hour~ math 3rd hour~ gym 4th hour~ advisory 5th hour~ lang arts 6th hour~ choir 7th hour~art 8th hour~ science. Todays gonna be a long day. I make my way down to 1st hour. Once i get there i slowly open the door, all eyes are on me great. I go over to the desk "Um hi im Danielle Parker, the new student." I said nervously. "Hi danielle, im Mrs. Watson your american history teacher. Why dont you find a seat anywhere in the classroom." She said giving me a smile. I look over to a empty seat in the middle of the room and sit down. "Ok class since its your first day, you guys can just talk, get to know eachother" Mrs. Watson says. "Hey?" A girl next to me says. And i look over. "Do u want to come sit over here by us?" She asked. She was really pretty and there were 3 of them, all with brown hair. "Sure, thanks" i said smiling. "My names danielle but i go by Dani." I said nervous. "Hi! My names Rachell, and this is Ashley (pointing to the girl next to me) and this is Kayla ( pointing to the girl next to her)." She said. "Hi" i said to both of them. "What school did you come from?" Rachell asks. "Bell" i said. "Hmm never heard of it." She said. "Hey dont you ride my bus?" Ashley asks. "I think so" i answered. "We should hangout sometime" she said smiling. "Tht'd be fun" i answered. Then it went from 1st hour to 2nd hour to 3rd hour. As i walk in to the gym i see Dylan. I was so rellieved i got to have a class with him. And then the day went on to 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th. And i have gym, art, and lunch with dylan, i aslo became good friends with ashley and the popular people. I cant wait to go home


*** Hey guys sorry if this one was pretty boring. Ill make the next one better! Btw tht was Thursday. Hope you like it so far***  





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