Summer trouble

Ok this is my first movella so i hope u like it!!(: ~~~ Ok my names Danielle but i go by dani. I just transferred to FHS. Of course being the new girl is always fun, not! I am visiting my dad for the whole summer but hes barely around because of work. Hope this summer will be fun!


4. Dylan

             Dylans POV

As i walk to the bus stop i see this gorgeous girl walking over here to. I couldnt help but stare, she so beautiful. I think she noticed i was staring. I hope she doesnt think im a creep. "Hi are you new" i asked. "Um yea" she said. "Well my names Dylan" i smiled. "M-my names D-danielle" she  was cute when she stuttered. "Well thts a beautiful name, nice to meet u Danielle". The bus came. "If u dont have anyone to sit with u can sit with me if u want?" I suggested. "Ok" she said smiling. Gosh i love her smile. We sit in the back of the bus. "Your gonna love FHS" i said smiling. We got to school and i showed her to the office. "Heres the office. I hope we have alot of classes together! See ya!" I said before i headed to class. I just got in class and sit in the back by Jake, Matt, and Alex. "Hey bro!" They all yelled. "Hey!" I yelled back. "How was ur break? Meet any hot chicks?" Jake asks. "Actually the new girl, Her names Dani. Shes so gorgeous and hot! Youd have to see her." I tell them. "Ooooh D's gettin it with the new girl!!" Alex yells. I hit him with my book. "Shut up i am not!" I lied. "Psh ok" he said back. Ugh i cant stop thinking about her. Idk whts wrong with me. I just need to see her again

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