Summer trouble

Ok this is my first movella so i hope u like it!!(: ~~~ Ok my names Danielle but i go by dani. I just transferred to FHS. Of course being the new girl is always fun, not! I am visiting my dad for the whole summer but hes barely around because of work. Hope this summer will be fun!


2. 2. School

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* goes the alarm clock. I roll over and its 5:30 am. "Uggh" i get out of bed and walk to the bathroom and turn the shower on. Takes a 5 min shower. Gets out and picks out what i want to wear. Picks my black ripped shorts, hot pink loose tank top with the black infinity sign in the front with my grey vans and my white jacket. Brushes my long blonde straight hair and decides to keep it down. Goes over to my makeup and puts a light coat of eyeliner on so my bright blue eyes show. Lightly puts mascara on and some skin color eyeshadow. When im done getting ready i look at myself one more time and i think 'not bad'. Then i turn around to the rest of my room and its mess. "Ehh ill do it when i get home". Before i go downstairs i brush my teeth and put on some 'someday' perfume. I walk downstairs to see my dad on the computer doing work, like usual. "Goodmorning sweetie" he said without looking up from the screen. "Morning" i said. "U all ready for ur first day at FHS?" He asked "yea i guess". I grab a banana not really in the mood to eat, put my mint green PINK back pack on. "Bye dad". "Bye have fun at school". I walk down to the bus stop and see a guy there. He looked kinda cute, he had spiked blonde hair, tan, tall, from where i was standing it looked like a bright blue. He looked like so adorable but hot at the same time. I hope he doesn't think im weird. Oh crap he's looking at me! Justdon't  make eye contact! "Hey are you new?" He asked. "Um yea" i said shyly. "Well im Dylan" . "M-my names D-danielle" i stuttered. Gosh im so stupid. "Well thts a beautiful name, nice to meet u Danielle". Finally the bus is here. "If u don't have anyone to sit with i don't mind u sitting with me if u want?" "Ok" i smiled. We walk all the way to the back of the bus, he sits by a window and i sit next to him. "Your gonna love FHS its a great school" he smiled. I blushed a lil. Gosh his smiles so cute. Todays gonna be a good day


**Hey guys!! Hope you liked it so far! Ill be updating it shortly**

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