That Slytherin Girl

When Hermione Granger comes to Hogwarts, little does she expect what journey she is in for. With twists that will make your tail curl like Dudley's read all about Hermione's life as a Slytherin. Having spent her whole life in the muggle world will the Slytherins accept her for who she is? Or will she have to keep her secret quiet?


4. Time Flies

When you are enjoying life, it tends to fly by, when you try to make it slow down, it speeds up.

For Hermione, time tends to fly, one minute she is in her first class ever at hogwarts and the next she is packing her trunk to go to kings cross, so she can board the Hogwarts express and start her fifth year.

Over the years, Hermione and Draco bonded, they became good friends, but at the end of their fourth year, there was a connection they had never had before, one that made Hermione click. She was no longer the baby in Hogwarts, but going into her fifth year, which must mean something. Her and Draco were beginning to fall for each other, which had always been predicted, but at that moment, Hermione knew Draco was the one for her.

Even under the influence of Draco, Hermione stayed her own self. Very reliable and smart, she had never been influenced to break rules or not do homework.

Hermione always made sure she kept her secret about her being muggle born. She had never told a single soul at Hogwarts, not even Draco

Little does Hermione know that this year, she will change completely, everything about her. Although I can't spill too many beans, that will just ruin it for when the time comes•


This isn't really a chapter but I wanted to make them older so I done this. It's not much I know but oh well, I'll post more soon:D

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