That Slytherin Girl

When Hermione Granger comes to Hogwarts, little does she expect what journey she is in for. With twists that will make your tail curl like Dudley's read all about Hermione's life as a Slytherin. Having spent her whole life in the muggle world will the Slytherins accept her for who she is? Or will she have to keep her secret quiet?


5. The Hogwarts Express

Through the barrier to platform 9and3/4 went Hermione and she approached on the other side in a mass of people, colour and steam. Followed closely by her muggle parents, Hermione made her way down the platform, looking for Draco as she went.

"Hey Draco" said Hermione when she finally spotted him. He beamed and replied "Hey 'mione" And he gave her a friendly hug

Hermione went back to her parents, gave them a hug, took her trunk and cat and left them to board the ruby Hogwarts express. When she got to the compartment where she and Draco would be sitting, she realised that they wouldn't be able to sit there as they were prefects and had to sit with the prefects and patrol the corridors.

When they made it to the compartment where the Slytherin prefects were (right at the very front) it was already quite packed.

Hermione and Draco managed to squeeze through and they were able to get window seats, this was ideal.

Slowly the train started to leave the station and they were able to wave to their parents as they had window seats.

"Ok , listen up prefects" said a tall Slytherin boy at the other end of the compartment. "You will all roam the corridors, make sure there is nothing going on that shouldn't be, all choose an area and stick to it, one boy and one girl should pair up and stay together, I want no misbehaving and everybody should meet back here when the lamps turn on for further instructions. Have a good day!" Hermione noticed a girl named Pansy Parkinson signalling to Draco to go with her. Hermione's heart gave a jolt, she didn't have any other friends beside Draco. Draco shook his head, grabbed Hermione's hand and ushered her out of the compartment, feeling relieved she gladly followed.

Draco had always been the sort to keep girls crawling at his feet and hermione guessed he thought she would be like that too. They made there way along the corridor (still holding hands) and were at the back of the train where they would stand guard. Only when they were safely out of earshot of the group of second year boys, Draco turned to hermione and said

"I have a surprise for you"


That's that chapter. Keep reading and I will post the next one soon:D


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