That Slytherin Girl

When Hermione Granger comes to Hogwarts, little does she expect what journey she is in for. With twists that will make your tail curl like Dudley's read all about Hermione's life as a Slytherin. Having spent her whole life in the muggle world will the Slytherins accept her for who she is? Or will she have to keep her secret quiet?


1. Hogwarts

"You know, that's not actually the ceiling, it's bewitched to look like the night sky. I read about it in hogwarts, a history" Hermione Granger was boasting to a fellow first year, as they made their way up the great hall for the sorting ceremony. Hermione's bushy brown hair bobbed along as she made her way toward the top table at the far end of the great hall where all of the teachers sat. The first years lined up along the front and waited, as a witch who had introduced herself as Professor McGonagall pulled a three legged stool with a shabby old pointed black hat on top, onto the slightly raised area of the hall and pulled out a roll of parchment.

Hermione along with the others had to listen to 6 people being sorted into their houses before Professor McGonagall called "Granger, Hermione"

She was so nervous but so excited, she practically ran up to the stool and sat down. Stumbling, she placed the hat on her head and it shouted "Slytherin"

Taken aback a little, hermione took off the hat, jumped off the stool and headed toward the Slytherin table, she was slightly sad as she had wanted to be in Gryffindor. Nonetheless, at least she had been sorted into any house at all, imagine if she just stood there and waited and her name wasn't called and professor McGonagall told her there had been some mistake and she must get on the train immediately.

Hermione waited as more and more first years were sorted into Slytherin, finally, when "Zambini Blaise" was sorted into Slytherin, Professor McGonagall rolled up her parchment, lifted the stool and the hat and left. It only just occurred to Hermione how hungry she was when the sparklingly clean plates filled with food in an instant.

After a very filling meal which left Hermione feeling very sleepy, they headed off to the Slytherin common room, which was located down in the dungeons.


Hope you guys liked chapter 1, chapter 2 coming soon :D


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