That Slytherin Girl

When Hermione Granger comes to Hogwarts, little does she expect what journey she is in for. With twists that will make your tail curl like Dudley's read all about Hermione's life as a Slytherin. Having spent her whole life in the muggle world will the Slytherins accept her for who she is? Or will she have to keep her secret quiet?


7. Hermione's 'new look'

"Stand up for me will you 'mione, so I can have a good look where to start" Draco was instructing Hermione, she followed them. She was nervous about what Draco might do to her but she was glad to be getting a new look which might get her noticed by the Slytherins.

"Ok, I think we'll just start at the top and work our way down shall we?" Draco was looking Hermione up and down.

"Ok so what are we going to do?" Asked Hermione, she was actually quite excited.

"We'll start with your hair!" Said Draco, more to himself than to Hermione. "Well first we need to change the colour? Blonde I think? And we need to make it less bushy, so you have sleeker curls that sit perfectly and have perfect shape?" He asked and Hermione nodded.

With a swish of his wand and a spell, Draco turned her hair from the bushy brown to the curly blonde.

"Ok next, we need to get you some make-up" and with another swish of his wand, Draco conjured packs of, foundation, bronzer, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and many other boxes full of different makeup.

"Right, here we go" Draco said an incantation, moved his wand and suddenly the makeup was doing its self, within seconds, it had all been applied, and had closed itself up. Draco presented Hermione with a mirror and she looked at herself in it.

Her hair was beautiful, you could see her brown roots but that was supposed to be there as it contrasted with her bright blonde hair which was nearly as blonde as Draco's. Her face was now caked in makeup, but it made her skin look smoother. She had green eye shadow with thick black eyeliner and huge mascara eyelashes. Her eyes were green and she had never looked so beautiful.

"What do you think? Is that ok?" Asked Draco

"I- I love it Draco, it really suits me" Draco looked relieved.

"Ok that's good, next, clothing" this was the part Hermione was least looking forward to.

Draco walked up to her and said "don't mind if I do" he unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt, slightly revealing her breasts. But Draco looked unhappy. "Are you wearing a push-up?" He asked, slightly taken aback Hermione whispered "no"

Draco gave a sigh of relief. "Ok, no worries, I'll just conjure up about 10 and that'll be that" within a second around 10 or 11 push-up bras were filling the compartment. "On you go and put it on" said Draco, handing her a skin coloured one with lace patterns on it which was very pretty. He slowly made his way out.

As fast as she could, Hermione changed her bra and told Draco to come back in, he looked very impressed.

"Skirt now" he started fiddling with her skirt and then pulled it up, so the waistband was away up past her hips and the bottom was nearly revealing her thong.

This was the way every single 3rd year and above girl dressed in school, so hermione wasn't going to be the only girl in school who looked slutty, that was what they all done.

Draco looked very pleased with his work.

"I love you Hermione, you are now gorgeous so I have the whole package, smart, kind, funny and hot" Hermione blushed, she had never been complimented like this before, Draco was such a gentleman.

"Thanks drakey, I love you too"


Hope you enjoyed it, I'll post more soon:D

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