That Slytherin Girl

When Hermione Granger comes to Hogwarts, little does she expect what journey she is in for. With twists that will make your tail curl like Dudley's read all about Hermione's life as a Slytherin. Having spent her whole life in the muggle world will the Slytherins accept her for who she is? Or will she have to keep her secret quiet?


3. Draco Malfoy

"Hi" said the boy as Hermione entered. He stood up and was looking surprisingly nervous, Hermione was very pleased to see him, he looked very pleased to see her too, maybe it was her he was waiting on?

"Hello" replied Hermione, she walked over and sat in the armchair next to him. She looked at his face which glowed in the fire, he was actually very handsome when he wasn't wearing that ugly sneer.

"So are you looking forward to the first au of school?" Asked the boy "I'm not" he assure me

"No, why would I be looking forward to school?" Answered Hermione trying to impress him. "I'm sorry, but what's your name?"

"I'm Draco Malfoy, and you are?" He asked holding out a hand

Hermione took his hand, shook it and replied "I'm Hermione Granger"

"Well Hermione Granger, how do you feel about going a walk in the grounds?" Draco asked with a smirk on his face. Very happily Hermione said yea and they made their way out of the common room.

After a long walk around the (huge) grounds Hermione and Draco reached the entrance hall. It was already 8:20 so people were already in eating breakfast. In fits of laughter from a joke Draco had made, they took seats at the Slytherin table and began eating.

They surveyed their new timetables (which had just been given out at breakfast) and concluded that they had the exact same subjects, at the exact same times.

At 8:40, they set off for the Slytherin dorms, collected their bags and things they would need for that day and set off for herbology.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I know they're short but I'm just new and don't know how long they should be? Ok anyway I hope you enjoyed, keep reading and yeah, next chapter coming soon:D


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