When coming into contact with a group of strangers while teaching her sister how to hunt, Erin gets taken to a town called Woodbury. She explores the place and runs into a few familiar faces.


1. Welcome to Woodbury

Erin was out with her sister so she could teach her how to hunt, when three trucks pulled up in the area around them. They both crouched down behind some bushes.

"Keep quiet and do exactly what I say. Got it?" She whispered to her sister, April, still looking at the strangers.

"Okay." April replied nervously.

Erin kept observing the strangers and tried to hear what they were saying. They were looking around the area. Although she didn't know what they were looking for. That didn't matter. She turned to her sister.

"April, you need to listen to me. If things get messy around here, I need you to stay safe. Now don't worry 'bout me, I'll be fine, but you need to get outta here when I tell you to okay. You need to run back to the prison. You can't stop or look back or worry 'bout me, just keep running. Got that?" April nods. "Good."

One of the guys heard something coming from the girl's hiding spot and he motioned to two other guys around him.

"Fluff." Erin said to herself as she began getting her machete out. "April get outta here now."

"But-" She was cut off by Erin. "No buts just do like I said!" April stared at her sister for a second before getting up and scampering off.

Another man called to the guys coming towards Erin and they went over to him.

"I need you two ta takes this guy back to camp. Ya can use that truck." The man said. His "friends" loaded a body into the truck and left. There were three guys left. Two of them were fidgeting with another truck and the last guy, who seems like the leader of the group, is just standing around smiling and observing the scenery.

Erin starts to crawl backwards and turns around when someone grabs her from behind and calls over to the leader. "Governor, I got one. Caught her sneakin' about."

"Get off me!" I scream. The man they call the Governor comes walking over as Erin's capturer drags her over to him. "let go of me-" She freezes when her captor pushes her forward and she turns around to beat him up. "Merle?!"

"In the flesh." He smiles.

"But you, you, we thought you got dead! But here you are right in front of me, and, and, look at you!"

"No way. This can't be. Little Red! Well if it ain't nice ta see you!"

"I take it you two know each other." The Governor says.

"We used ta be in the same group. Hell yeah we know each other! What happened ta your hand?"

"Oh well after your cop friend locked me on that rooftop, I was forced ta cut it off. I wondered 'roud a little till the Governor here found me and got me this beauty." He explained as he showed off the mettle that replaced his hand. "And you, where's your group? Surely you can't be out here alone. Your sister?"

"You'd be surprised with what I'm capable of. No group and April died."

"You too huh? I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I knew I shouldn't have trusted them."

"You and me both."

"So what about you, looks like you have a place ta call home."

"Yeah, I have a place. The Governor over there is the leader."

Erin walks over to the Governor. "Do you take in new comers?"

"Indeed I do. But we have some regulations."



Merle comes up behind her and pins her against a tree. "Hey! Let go of me!"

"Or what? You'll kick me."

"No, I'll do worse." She struggles to get free but Merle has her pinned up pretty well.

"Ha ha you make me laugh Red. You always have."

"I told you not ta touch me."

"Well too bad."

"Let me go or so help me I will kill you!"

"Now hold still. I need ta get these cuffs on you."

"Don't you dare!"

"I have to now shut up and cooperate!"

"You asked for this Dixon." She turns around and nails him straight in the mouth. He stumbles back and touches him bloody lip. He regains coordination and tackles her to the ground. "Now you ain't goin' nowhere." She flips them over so she's on top of him and she pulls his arms behind his back. "Jesus Christ where'd you learn ta do this?" He asks.

"I have military experience."

"Didn't know a girl like you had it in ya."

"Yeah, well now you know. Now shut up and let me talk." She kicks him semi-hardly.

"Governor would you tell this chick ta get off me."

"Nah I'd rather not mess with her." He smiled.

"Come on man. This fucking hurts. And she's a girl for gods sakes!"

"I said shut up so we can talk."

"I ain't doing nothing for you."

"Suit yourself then." I knock him out and get off him. "That otta gives us some time ta talk."

"Where'd you learn to do that again?"


"We could use you on our team."

"Great, I'm willing ta go."

"Fantastic. But I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? You did nothing wrong."

"Sorry for this." One of his men come up behind her and knock her out. They blindfold her and load her in the truck.

"Great work boys. Now go load Merle in the truck." He smiles and gets in his truck.


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