When coming into contact with a group of strangers while teaching her sister how to hunt, Erin gets taken to a town called Woodbury. She explores the place and runs into a few familiar faces.


2. Waking up again

Erin wakes up in a room that she would predict to be an infirmary. She sits up slowly and looks around, squinting to see.

"Where am I?" She asks a lady next to her while rubbing her neck.

"The infirmary. You were rescued and brought back to our little town. We put you in here to make sure you woke up." The lady answers.

"And what town is this exactly?"

"Oh I'm terribly sorry but I'm afraid I am not allowed to tell you."

"Why not? Who's it gonna harm?"

"Because it's not my job to."

"Then whose is it?"


"Who's "him"?"

"You'll see."

Erin puts on a confused expression and gets out of the bed. She looks around the infirmary and spots Merle talking to a group of guys. She stands up and walks over to them.

One of the men that Merle was talking to points to Erin as she is approaching and Merle whirls around.

"Well if it ain't Little Red. We were just talkin' 'bout you."

"What about me is there ta talk about?"

"Oh I was just tellin' the guys how ya knocked me out back there. We're all impressed. Where'd you say you learned to do that again?"

"Military. So why'd ya stop when I come? Keep talking. It's not everyday that I get praised for knockin' a guy out."

"Hm, you wish. But anyway, the Governor told me ta go tell him that you woke up when you did. So I'll go get him and he'll give you the tour of our little "town"."

"The Governor?"

"Our leader. Now you jus' wait here."

"Can do." She says as she sits down in a chair and waits.

The Governor comes in and walks over to me. "Where's the new girl?" He announces.

Erin lifts her head up to see Merle pointing over to her. The Governor walks over to her. "Welcome to Woodbury." He says with a smile.

"Thank you." Erin replies unsurely.

 "How do you feel about a tour?" He asks.

"A tour? How... generous of you."

"Great! If you'll just come with me." He smiles and offers her his hand.

She takes it and he helps her up and leads her out of the infirmary.

"I can already tell that you'll love this place."

"Yeah, looks like you have a nice establishment set up for you guys."

"Oh it wasn't always like this. It started off as a hopeless waste land. But over time, we made it our home. It took a long time, but I think we made it in this world. And I don't man ta toot my own horn, but Woodbury's a pretty damn good place for a world like this. Don't you agree?"

"Yeah... Haven't seen a place like this in ages. Do say, I'm impressed."

He gives her a quick tour of the place, people say hi, they move along. He brings her to her room.

"This my lady, is where you can stay. It's got everything you need. Bed, Clean clothes, Hot water. Everything you could want in a world like this."

"Wow. Now I really am impressed. How'd you get hot water?"

"Boiler system."


"Glad you think so."

Erin sits down on the bed in her new room. "This is all really flattering but I really don't plan on staying."

The Governor turns around. "Why not? Isn't this a good enough place?"

"No! No! No1 I mean, yes it is, but, I , I... I'm afraid I really can't stay for too long. I have some business to attend to. But this place really is amazing. I would stay if I could."

"Well why can't you? What could be so important that you can't spend at least the night? Honestly, I insist. At least rest up before you leave."

"I really can't."

"I insist. You still don't look in the right shape to be out there on your own. You did say you were alone right?"

"Yeah I am alone. I just... just have some unfinished business to deal with at the moment."

"Okay, and I respect that. But you have to at least stay for the night."

She stays quiet to think about the offer for a few seconds. Maybe it is best for her to rest up before she goes off to find her group. "Fine. I guess one night won't harm me. I'll spend the night."

"Fantastic! And if you don't change your mind on staying any longer, then you can be on your way tomorrow." 

"Thank you. You're really generous to be doing this. Don't meet many people like that nowadays."

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